Thursday, April 3, 2008

Walk Around Town

Although it's not quite as warm as I'd like it to be, it is nice enough to take a walk around town without turning completely blue. Here are a few photos of some animal friends I've met on my travels.

A neighbor's cow says hello. I had to snap this one quickly as the farmer was out and gave me an odd look for for photographing his livestock.

Lots of vultures around here. They usually roost in large numbers in the trees or on the steeples of the church down the road. This guy was sitting all by himself on the fence watching the swans glide through the water.

His buddies weren't far away though. I know they're not the prettiest birds, but they are rather funny. Note the one spreading his wings and giving me his best sexy, over the shoulder look.

And hey! Is this deer sticking his tongue out at me?


Herb said...

I love it when people photograph my cows. You wouldn't get any strange looks from me. In fact, I was out taking pictures of our five new calves today. Our farm is on a scenic country road with rolling hills and the cows look very at home here. The snow has just melted and the calves and their moms are exploring the field that has been hidden all winter. It's a very special time of year.

Anonymous said...

Hello Pixie-

I loved your post! It was great seeing a little snow left on the ground there. Having been oringally from Michigan and now living in South Carolina I miss the colder temps and seeing the snow on the ground. Of course I have had to deal with temps in the high 60s ;) Yeah I am really suffering too... Thanks for the great pictures!


Anonymous said...


That farmer was probably watching to make sure you observed his strict, "No Tipping" policy - or that you weren't Beverly who, by her own admission, recently consumed an entire cow while eating her way through the Pyrenees.

In Nature, you have to take your fun where you find it: That vulture is actually *flashing* those swans. ("Hi Ladies. Ma name's Buck. BUCK NEK-KID!!!") Happens 'round heah all the time. In fact, half the inmate population in Florida are old buzzards.

Friendly folk in the country, though. Hereabouts they leave signs outside the pastures to greet all the passers-by when they can't be there to say it themselves: Hay!.

Dreams oƒ Horses

Mark said...


Yeah, that still looks a little chilly. But it'll be shorts weather for you soon (apparently it already is for Chloe)


Anonymous said...

Why would anyone care if you take pictures of their cows? What, you'll post them on the Luscious Livestock, Cows! Cows! Cows! website? Or maybe they think you have no respect for udders.

What a beautiful deer -- such lovely creatures they are. How anyone could shoot them is beyond my comprehension. -- Erica

Winchester said...

Your town seems very country-fied to me! Cows, vultures, venison on legs (sorry Erica) - you won't find them in many UK towns!

I suppose photographing cows could be seen as a threat if the owner thought you might be into animal protection, or that you were casing the joint ready for a spot of rustling, or because you wanted to compare the markings to tell whether iyt was one he'd stolen earlier....or just because it is a rather unusual pastime and he was concerned for your health!

Be that as it may - I clicked on the second vulture picture (with the spread wings) and to my total dismay did not get an enlargement, but was directed to a page of hard porn. The other photographs did what they were supposed to do and they were simply enlarged. I hope other readers have not had the same problem which seemed so unlike you!

spankinghero said...

Nice nature pics, I live in the country myself and love it.

David 007 said...

awwwwwwww aint the cow and deer cute? :) Not as cute or pretty as the photographer, but still nice. Thanks for posting. (HUGS)

Dr. Ken said...

Dear Pixie,
Why, yes, that deer IS sticking it's tongue out at you. I wonder who it learned THAT from?!?

BTW, isn't there supposed to be a grizzly bear in back of the deer in this picture? Or am I thinking of some other photo of a cute little deer with a bear behind?

Dr. Ken

Chloe Elise said...

If your poor farmer friend only knew his little ole' Bessie was going to appear on your spanking blog tonight. Hehehe...

Amber Pixie Wells said...

Herb - Five new calves? How sweet!! Your farm sounds absolutely beautiful.

Alex - I will trade you a little bit of snow for your sun and warm temperatures!! Glad you liked the pics. :)

Dreams of Horses - True! I hear the cows get a little restless when Bev visits while with me, the chickens have my wanted poster up in their little poulty post office.

Mark - Deinitely still cool here. I can't wait for it to be shorts weather here. Even if I have to wear a sweatshirt, if I can get away with shorts I'll be happy!

Erica - Or maybe Cows Gone Wild? The deer was so pretty and tame (probably not a good thing for its survival) and allowed me to get incredibly close for the photo op. I just hope the dear deer stays away from my tomato plants and strawberries.

Winchester - Well, I did say that the vulture was giving his best sexy look, but no, I wasn't trying to get you to go to a porn site. I had a typo in the weblink and so it came up with an error message from our adult content host, Naked Hosting. It's all fixed now though.

Spankinghero - Thank you. I am really enjoying the scenic country style area I'm living in now. Love the woods, love the farms. Just need to plan a bit more travel time when wanting to go to the store or gym or anywhere!

007 - Awww. Thanks.

Dr. Ken - Bratty little deer. I'm actually rather glad there wasn't a "bear behind" near the deer as funny as that would have been. I did actually see a state bear response team truck not far away though. The truck was left running with no one inside and the driver's side door was wide open. I walked a little faster at this point because that looked like the sign of very important official business.

Chloe - I probably should have gotten Bessie to put her hoofprint on a model release form first. ;-)

JHThree said...

You know those people who claim they buy "Playboy" for the articles? Well, Pixie, I'm not going to pretend I don't enjoy the main subject of your blog, but darned if I don't always enjoy it when you share some of your "vanilla" photography with us.

I even like the occasional puns - and I usually don't like puns.

The water scenes - were they shot by the Delaware River?