Saturday, April 5, 2008

New Toy

I had heard that stores like Home Depot could be hazardous for a spankee when shopping with a spanker since there were so many objects that could be fashioned into makeshift implements, but I never thought Tractor Supply Company would be. I assumed they'd have ... well ... tractors and other equally boring stuff. But it turns out they have lots of home and garden supplies as well as a fairly good sized tack shop area. And what tack shop would be complete without riding crops.

My boyfriend bought a very pretty blue riding crop to use on my bottom, but promised that if I absolutely hated it, we could turn it into a cat toy or something. Although I'd felt a rubber crop during my last Shadow Lane shoot and found it to be interesting, I was already planning how to dangle toy mice from the end of it.

It turns out though that I loved it. I guess I had some negative feelings about crops before because they didn't seem to fall into the tidy categories of domestic or school style implements. They seemed scarier. Darker. Edgier. But when used like a cane, the feeling was amazing.

Firm yet flexible, it left hot lines criss-crossed over my cheeks. The little bit of leather at the tip of the crop adds a tiny bit of additional sting as it smacks my bottom a fraction of a second later leaving exclamation point like marks. The marks show up as bright red lines as the warmth spreads over my bottom, but quickly fade again before the next round.

My boyfriend seems to be enjoying using the crop as well. He'll come up with any excuse he can to turn me around for a few swats - rolling my eyes, taking too long on the computer, dropping his bagel butter side down on the kitchen floor, and on and on. Lucky me!


Anonymous said...

Let's see, implements from the Vermont Country Store, Bed Bath & (Waaay) Beyond, and now Tractor Supply. No doubt about it, Spankos may live in the same world as the everyone else, we just find more things in it to use in fun ways that were never intended. (And tsk! Who would reasonably object to a little cat hair, stray kitty litter, and a dust bunny or two on their bagel?)

Dreams oƒ Horses

Steve (UK) said...

Sheer artistry.

Anonymous said...

The crop is one of my favorite toys.

Anonymous said...

Oh Pixie-

Welcome to my world now, my hubby is the manager of the local Tractor Supply Company where we live and I know all too well about that various spanking impliments that they carry. Just wait until your spanker brings home another riding crop- this time with a leather hand sewn on the end. It not only leaves a bright red line, but also a biting sting as well.

Anonymous said...

The crop looks menacing, but hey, if you like it, the rest of us should give it a try.

Oh, watch it at the wood utensil display at Whole Foods! Fair trade, beautiful spoons, bread paddles, spatulas, etc. And just watch the people who pick them up. You can tell who has what on their mind.

Oh, and there is always the weighted leather book thongs at Barnes and Noble. The guy behind the counter said it did the trick for him! Whew. Spakos go out world.

Anonymous said...

We have a Tractor Supply Company just a few miles down the road, and like you... we figured they just had 'tractor stuff.' Since we don't have a tractor, and the idea of spanking with a tractor sounds only mildly fun... lol... we'd never gone inside. You've given us some motivation to check it out though. Nice find!

Todd & Suzy

Well Spanked Man said...

I've never been to a Tractor Supply Company, but I've been into a lot of farm supply stores. They are great for items like crops and leather bats, and such. The prices are always better than S&M stores too.

A scary toy I have seen and had used on me from one farm supply stores was a leather quirt. This is a little single tailed whip, and is thuddier than a cane, but really no more painful. Made by the local amish if I remember that right.

I love the BLUE of the crop. Black looks boringly s&m'ish. I no longer find that look scary so much as passe.


Alan Boatsman said...

I think you skipped past the best part of the story... Where were you when he actually bought it? Were you waiting in the car? Standing next to him blushing awkwardly? Did he make some embarrassing comments in a stage whisper? Did you get a good thwack on the rump as you left the store? The possibilities are endless.....

Anonymous said...

I believe all the reasons you've given for 'experiencing' the crop are valid.

The crop for Pixie.

Chloe Elise said...

Yowsers! I want one!

Anonymous said...

A good looking piece and it's functional too!

2Good said...

Misha and Peanut are out of luck! No new toy for them :)

Anonymous said...

I love the crop! :-)

But here's a suggestion, should you want to cut down on the crop swats. You might want to suggest to your sweetie that if he got his own damn bagel, there would be no risk of your dropping it.

I'm full of helpful tips like this one, should you want more. -- Erica

Amber Pixie Wells said...

Dreams of Horses - yeah, I think we can find potential implements or punishment related things just about anywhere. And doesn't every dish taste better with cat hair in it?

Steve (uk) - Thanks. The crop is very well crafted. ;-)

Anonymous - I'm not sure I'm ready to rank it as my favorite, but it certainly is our fun toy of the moment.

Alex - Yes, I saw the one with the little hand there but I pleaded with my bf not to get that one. I didn't want it to look even more obvious what our real intentions for the crop was!

Anonymous - Ack! You mean not even the bookstore is safe anymore???

Todd & Suzy - Definitely make a stop at TSC the next time you're out running errands. But Suzy, for your bottom's sake, stay away from the John Deere department. You may not get spanked with a tractor, but they do sell JD bread boards that look like they'd make a mean paddle.

Thebes - ohhhh a leather bat! I love leather.

I love the blue rope used to make the crop. If they'd had a purple one, I'd have gotten a second one just for me. :)

Alan - When he went through the check out line, I suddenly became very, very interested in the clay pots they had on display near by and pretended we weren't together. Of course when he turned to me and asked if I was ready, my cover was blown, but thankfully he didn't make our intentions for the crop too obvious.

Kevin - My bf says you are a wise man. >:(

Chloe - That can be arranged. Muahahaha.

Javi - Yup, cool to look at, but hot on the bottom.

2Good - Not this time! But I wonder if unexpected visitors would believe that it's really a cat toy if they happen to spy the crop lying around?

Erica - LOL!!! Brilliant! I will gladly take any helpful tips, hints, and suggestions you might have. >:)

Winchester said...

A lovely little post - and a delightful picture to end it. It is surprising what "innocent" shopping can throw up - just make sure you avoid the butcher! I recently bought what mine calls an "oven buster" - a short (about 12 inch) section of a cow's rib bone with succculent juicy beef attached. After cooking the bones have provided what would indeed be rather splendid (for the spanker) or vicious (for the spankee) paddles! And provided only left in he kitchen could cause no comment - might ve different of course if found in the bedroom or sitting room.