Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Woodshed

Welcome to my woodshed. Step inside.

Dreams of Horses mentioned my woodshed in his comment on my last post and asked if there were any thoughts of getting it in "working order" this spring. So I headed back there to check it out and see just what it might take to get it in working order.

Well, right now it's definitely not quite ready for recreational use. The set of eight deck chairs, deck umbrella, and a lawn mower make it rather cramped quarters. It's so funny that it's our woodshed and the only wood we have in it is some spare fence posts. Well, hopefully that will change once we get a woodstove (crosses fingers), but in the meantime, when we set up the deck furniture again, there will be plenty of free space.

No woodshed spanking fun could take place today in any case as I have a shoot on Saturday. I wouldn't want to risk marking (whippy switches do that!) nor do I want to start the day off already sore. I have a feeling I'll be plenty sore without a headstart. Still, I was able to test the privacy level of the woodshed and take a few bare bottom shots.

I'm happy to report that the privacy level is excellent even with the trees still bare. Good thing!


The Serial Spanker said...

Oh my goodness! Pixie in the woodshed with bottom bare? I must be dreaming. But oh man whatta dream!

Winchester said...

Hm! Some inviting piccies - especially the first! Yje woodshed looks to be of a reasonable size - but beware! You have tested its privacy csually - but how about aurally? I reckon you need to find out how far the sound bounces out from the shed before putting it to the test for what you call "recreational use". (I always thought the woodshed was intendd to imply punishment rather than recreation!) After all the sound of an axe splitting wood is quite distinguishable from the sount of switch, slipper, came, paddle, belt, tawse or hand on a bear bottom!

Anonymous said...

Jesus Pixie - what have you done. My breath is short, beads of perspiration bust upon my brow - my poor heart races - I reach and spill my nitro. All is becoming blurry - but as I drift off I'm confused - but content.

Will said...

~~looking good, Amber!
(Everybody should have their own private Woodshed!)

Trees! forgettaboutit!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to more pictures from the woodshed


Mark said...

Looking forward to reddened bare bottom in the woodshed when the shooting schedule permits.


David 007 said...

(sigh) Heartbreakingly beautiful as always, Pixie. Thanks so much for sharing these great pics. Hope Saturday's shoot goes well. Make sure David checks your snail mail this weekend. :-) (HUGS)

Smallhanded said...

Yay! I've been (secretly hoping) looking forward to woodshed pictures ever since you wrote that your new house came with one! :D

The Serial Spanker said...

Ok, I think I've calmed down from seeing Pixie teasing us with her lovely bare bottom in the woodshed (whew)...but just so I'm prepared in the event I'm called (yeah, right!) I ran down and picked up a brand new leather razor strop that would make the most beautiful music on her firm bare cheeks.
Damn, now I'm all worked up again.
Here goes another cold shower :)
Hugs. SS.


I would love to be a fly on the wall of your hard ware suppliers when you and your Bf go shopping for equipment for your wood shed. Testing the hight of saw horses and work benches.

I don't know if this is a factoid or not, so maybe being American you can set me right on this. I heard that the wood shed was the traditional place for punishment in the USA because the cut wood stacked around the walls provided good sound insulation, so it was harder to hear the recipient yelp.


A.S.S. said...

Pixie is out of the house, with her pants down... the weather must be warming up! Lovely pictures, and the shed looks like it has a lot of potential. Certainly has the needed privacy.

Todd & Suzy

Anonymous said...


Love the photos! All thats missing is a hook with a leather strap hanging from it.
On another note. I'm hearing the sound of spring here in Northeast Pennsylvania such as the sound of geese flying overhead. I even heard a bird chirping outside of my living room window this morning. Good luck with a garden this year. I've got faith in you.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you struck a chord here, Pixie! I think everybody should have the opportunity to experience a woodshed, even if only to get it out of their system - or into it.

Mine came when I stayed a week in a then-150 year old cabin in the Blue Ridge mountains. It too was pretty full, with tools, boxes, etc., but I cleared enough space to utilize the barstool someone had stored there, and soon got the place "up and running" agaain. Half the fun is in the fantasy, and to imagine all the bottoms that had been reddened in that place over the years took the chill off the late November air!

Dreams oƒ Horses

Well Spanked Man said...

Good luck getting a woodstove, I love them. There is nothing quite like a cold winter's day, standing with your bared and recently spanked bottom facing a hot woodstove, keeping it warm.


Dr. Ken said...

Spankedhortec--I don't know if all that wood was good sound insulation or not, although that certainly may be true. I suspect there were other reasons for using the woodshed.
The most obvious, of course, is that there where probably pieces of kindling about that could be grabbed and used as a paddle on the miscreant's backside.
Some of the stacks of wood were probably the right height for the spankee to be bent over. The chopping block could have been used for the same purpose. The spankee could also have had to bend over and place her hands on the block for support.
The woodshed also used to be the place where Pa would traditionally hang the old razor strop which, as we all know, wasn't just used to keep the razor sharp.
Spankings may have taken place in the woodshed because Ma didn't want such unpleasantness in the house. There's also a psychological edge in regards to giving the spankee an assigned place to go to for punishment.
All possibilities, at any rate....

Dr. Ken

Dr. Ken said...

P.S.--my apologies for for incorrectly spelling spankedhortic...

P.P.S.--Great photos, Pixie. You look as lovely and spankable as ever!

Dr. Ken

Amber Pixie Wells said...

The Serial Spanker - Nope! *pinch* Not a dream. :)

Winchester - Haven't tested how soundproof the shed might be, but that's where a whippy switch would be best. Doesn't make much noise upon impact (unless I yell out ... which unfortunately is likely) but more than does the job.

Now, there are plenty of "bear" bottoms around these parts, but I don't recommend spanking any of them. ;-)

Anonymous - Goodness! I'm glad you enjoyed my little tour of the woodshed so much.

Will - Thanks! And thank goodness for trees.

Dunan - I'm sure I'll have more to share in the future ...

Mark - And yes, I suspect that I'll have a red bottomed in one or two of them. Perhaps once the trees and undergrowth have filled in the landscape a little more.

007 - Thank you! No snail mail arrived this weekend. Maybe soon?

smallhanded - Glad I could bring you what you were hoping for. Perhaps it was ESP. Very slow traveling ESP.

Serial Spanker - Oofah. I certainly wouldn't be able to keep quiet if I were being taken to task with a razor strop!

Prefectdt - I hadn't heard the theory that wood provided sound insulation. I thought that the woodshed was used because it was an enclosed spot but away from the house so that maximum privacy could be provided. That was my theory on things anyway.

Todd & Suzy - Yep, bare bottomed Pixie sightings are considered an early sign of spring around here. :)

Tim - There are no hooks, but there are a couple of nails in the wall just waiting for something to be hung from them. I realized where they were when I backed into one while taking a picture. :-/

I officially started my gardening project and I'm hoping that at least one tomato seedling will sprout from the peat pots I'm doting on.

Dreams of Horses - Wow. With a cabin that old, there is a good chance at least one naughty bottom was attended to in there.

Thebes - Oh yes. If I had a woodstove, I might actually willingly stand in the corner if I was positioned near the heat source.

Dr. Ken - I think all of your theories are quite good. Woodsheds and stables always seem like extra scary spanking locations with so many potential implements likely to be kept there. *shivers* Glad you liked the pics!

Pandora said...

The most obvious, of course, is that there where probably pieces of kindling about that could be grabbed and used as a paddle on the miscreant's backside.

Ouch - imagine the splinters! *wince*

Pixie - your house comes with a woodshed? I'm clearly living in the wrong country :)

Poppa said...

Pandors, No need for her to use kindling, I know for a fact that she has at least two finished pieces of wood in the proper paddle shape in her possesion!

Rogue said...

Very, very nice...

Amber Pixie Wells said...

Pandora - That just means you'll have to come for a visit here! :)

Poppa - Yep, two lovely blonde wood paddles. :) I just took them out of their hiding spot the other day following the vanilla visit from family. No splinters, just sting.

Rogue - Thank you very, very much!