Monday, March 3, 2008

Spring Is In The Air

Today was absolutely lovely. The digital display at the bank claimed it reached 63 degrees this afternoon and there was hardly a cloud in the sky. There was even the sweet scent of spring in the air. While they are calling for a possible "wintry mix" for the area early on Friday, I feel like we've turned the corner and winter is on its way out. Hurray!

Spring means the local farm stands will reopen soon with ice cream, fresh produce, and flowers. I plan to try to grow a few flowers and vegetables myself this year although I'm pretty sure I was born devoid of a green thumb. I swear I can kill a plastic plant, but it's spring and time for new things, so here's to trying.

Spring also means I can come out of hibernation and return to my outdoor adventures. Less time spent huddled indoors or spinning on the hamster wheel at the gym and more time hiking, exploring, and having some spanking or at least bare bottom fun out in the woods. I have plenty of new places to search out now that I've settled into the area.

And happily spring to me means it will soon be time to pack up my jeans and long pants in favor of shorts, sundresses, and skirts. Thank goodness! I'm right at that awkward height where regular length jeans drag on the floor (and get sopping wet when I walk on the damp winter ground) but if I wear petites, it looks like I'm expecting a flood. Give me shorts any day and I'm a happy camper. Cute, comfy, and not likely to end up soaked at the hem unless I fall in the stream.

So bring on spring and free me from this winter pale. Bring on warm, sunny days. Bring on plants for me to kill ... err grow. Bring on ice cream. Bring on hiking. And bring on shorts!!!


Anonymous said...

I read you shoot in or near philadelphia.... do you know any clubs my husband and i could go to to participate in spanking? (such as NYC's paddles?)

Anonymous said...

Wish I could walk the bush/lakes with you. Just to see if the musquitos love your wonderful buttocks as much as I do..!
When stung by musquitos another sting, by means of a good spanking is definitely needed...
So, walk together..?

XXX Funbun

Anonymous said...

I know the club paddles very well fyi. Great post Pixie. I guess you really do crave ice cream 24 - 7. So come to NYC so I can treat you to some ColdStone. :-) (HUGS)

Anonymous said...

love the blog, however on your blogiversary spanking you said youd take one for every swat , you only took 120 when there were 121 swats, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm i think that desreves a complete reenactment with 121 swats, what do you all think

Anonymous said...

"The first day of spring is one thing, and the first day of spring is another. The difference between them can be as much as a month." Or so some wag once said. Warm and sunny weather will be upon you again, and soon the question will be: tan lines or no? I vote for the tan lines, where spanking scenes are concerned. An all-over tan makes the redness hard to discern, if not impossible.

While you're about in the garden, Pixie, any thoughts to getting that woodshed into "working order"? And a word of advice from experience: when indulging in outdoor spanking in the mountains, avoid Echo Canyon, especially if located near a town.

Dreams oƒ Horses

Anonymous said...


you want to see Flowers come down for Flower and Garden Festival at Disney World in Orlando March 19-June 1 =)


Dr. Ken said...

Dear Pixie,
We're about 30 degrees or so behind you here in Minnesota, but the mere fact that it's March makes me think of Spring. Yes, snow and cold will still be in the forecast for a bit, but I know it won't be long now.
For me, another sign of Spring is the first spanking party of the year. I think I'm looking forward to that more!

Dr. Ken

Amber Pixie Wells said...

"however on your blogiversary spanking you said youd take one for every swat , you only took 120 when there were 121 swats, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm i think that desreves a complete reenactment with 121 swats, what do you all think"

Sorry anonymous, but no can do. The last comment posted by The Serial Spanker was left the day after my blogiversary. Just missed the cutoff. :)

Anonymous said...

To me spring means that the ice will soon be off the cold rivers and the lakes and I will launch my kayak and venture forth. I almost shake when I hear the cry of the flocks of geese in their large V formations high in the sky -calling.

That thrill of spring, that song in your heart, early on the first nice day is truly intoxicating.

I wonder if that emotion is especially strong, imbeded deep in the genetic makeup of tough blue eyed peoples like you, who evolved and struggled and survived tens of thousands of years in the winter world of ice and snow.

I think all people share that wonderful feeling Pixie - and I thank you for that.

Anonymous said...

Correction (from PhixaQuote2L8): ..., and the first day of spring...

D o H (DOH!!!)

Anonymous said...

WooHoo...spring! Could there be a better season? Coats get put up, shorts and short sleeved shirts become the norm, and no more being couped up indoors.

Tennessee is going through the same type of wacky weather you're experiencing. We had snow last Thursday, it was 70 Sunday and Monday, and now it's 35 degrees >:(


2Good said...

Don't you just hate your winter wardrobe by this time of year?
I am tired of wearing and washing so many layers of clothing! Mmm, ice cream. I'm craving moose tracks! As for the flowers, if they won't grow, try a sprinkling of fairy dust. Still no luck? I am sure you could draw some really pretty ones!

Anonymous said...

Here in Germany there was no real winter this year. We hardly had any snow and the weather had a tendency to be just gray... (seemingly the climate is changing...:-( ).
But finally we now have the first signs of spring too :-).

As for your plans to grow some plants how about trying to grow a cactus? Its really hard to kill one of those (except you put it in the snow and ice outdoors) ans some of them have beautiful blossoms too.


Kevin said...

Shame the blog spanking wasn't per cheek ;-)

Mark said...

I was quite happy with the 120 swats on alternating cheeks. And even with a hairbrush on the last part, despite 120 being a significant spanking even with the hand. And it left your cheeks a nice red. I think following Kevin's suggestion would have resulted in blue rather than red. Of course, you do have a bionic butt.....



Steve (UK) said...

For once, I’m not envious of your weather, Pixie.
So far, we seem to have escaped winter here in Kent, with no more than a few frosty evenings.
Anyway, I’m sure I’m not alone in looking forward to the return of your summer wardrobe. :-)

The Serial Spanker said...

Pixie, I do wish you'd remember that some of us males are in rut due to spring fever, so please don't look so yummy leaning against the barn in those shorts ;)
Hugs. SS.

Winchester said...

"In the Spring a young man's fancy,
Lightly turns to thoghts of love!"
Ah yes! I remember it well. Now an old (well relatively speaking so) man I can vouch that it is not only young men....If onloy we had a decent Spring. Here in the South of England we have had a miserable winter - grey and not particularly cold - and certainly no snow: and now we are having a sort of Spring - the flowers are telling us so anyway, and there are some womderful fields of daffodils, snowdrops (not nearly over) and other seasonal flowers. We ar gtting q fair bit of sunshine, but always with such a cold wind that it makes being out quite unpleasant at times.

So enjoy your Spring while you may. Explore your new surrounds, woods, fields and mountains and whatever: and enjoy the freedom of shorts which here would have to wait some weeks before you would dare emerge in them! Actually, those you are wearing do present themselves as most spank-worthy!

Amber Pixie Wells said...

Anonymous - Yes, we do shoot in Philadelphia, but I'm not from the area and am not familiar with the spanking club scene there. In the tri-state area, I've only heard of the one place, Paddles, that you mentioned. I'm sure there must be more, but none that I know of personally and could recommend.

Funbun - Ha! Funny you should mention the mosquitos. When taking this series of photos, I came away with about 7 new mosquito bites. None on my bum thankfully as my shorts stayed up the whole time.

Anonymous 2 - Is this 007? Yes, I really do have a thing for ice cream. I never had ColdStone, but I just had a Friendly's Mint O'Cookie Crunch sundae last night. Mmmm. One of these days I'll have to indulge in some Coldstone.

Dreams of Horses - I will no doubt get some tan lines again as I'm not one to sunbathe nakey, but I may not be getting as tan as in past years. I know far too many people that have developed skin cancer lately and so I'm dousing myself with SPF 50 even in March.

I did happen to check out the woodshed situation. See my latest post for any update. :)

Duncan - Oh how I'd love to!

Dr. Ken - Funny the things we use to mark the change in seasons. Nothing says spring like roses and rosey bottoms.

Anonymous 4 - I think there is something to your theory of it being hardwired to get so excited over spring. I find I naturally begin to wake up earlier. Back when I had to awaken to an alarm everyday, I would start waking up even before it went off. Of course once daylight saving was over, that stopped.

Dust off your kayak and your life vest as spring is just around the corner.

Javi - Wow. I thought Tennessee would be a lot warmer. I guess it's not time for you to pack up the jeans and jackets yet either?

2Good - Heheheh. I wonder how many odd looks I'd get if I just made some large drawings of flowers, laminated them, and stuck them in the ground on popsicle sticks? Instant garden.

Elor - A cactus I could probably keep alive as long as I fought my urge to overwater it. But I'm not sure if they would thrive outdoors due to the colder months as you mentioned. I'm going to research and see if there are some equally easy to care for plants.

Kevin - Hmph!!

Mark - No, no. The bionic butt title rightfully belongs to Erica Scott. But while I probably could have endured 120 on each cheek (though hopefully delivered alternately) that would have meant a reeeaally long clip.

Steve (uk) - Only a few frosty evenings? And here I've been clinging to the heater in Cow Town. :(

The Serial Spanker - Thanks!! Spring fever can be a good thing.

Anonymous said...

pixie u really look like u were enjoying the long 120 spankings i can tell by smile on ya face lol

i enjoy watching the clips and the 120 spankings i was laughing at you lol while you getting the spankings.

it nice you would do it for ya fan guess you felt u had to do it cause if you lie and did not follow thru with it meant you knew punishment would been a spanking lol and you would got spanked anyway lol