Sunday, March 9, 2008

March 8th PB Shoot Wrap Up

It was a dark and stormy ni ... errr ... day. Really, it was. We had torrential downpours and high winds throughout the day yesterday. At noon it was so dark you'd have thought it was closer to midnight. Thankfully the PB Team was safely tucked away inside filming more fun spanking scenes.

We had a very last minute cast change as George had to back out less than 24 hours before we were supposed to shoot due to an emergency. David made a few quick calls and thankfully secured Holly as our guest spanker. Holly has switched and spanked girls on our site before, but this was the first time she'd done more than a scene or two. This time, she did seven in a row! I wonder how her arm feels today? If it's anything like my bottom, it's pretty sore.

Holly got to test a few implements out on my backside starting with the very first scene. She used a large paddle on my bare bottom in a sorority scene and I learned that kicking during a paddling can lead to a very painful thigh swat. I was left with a kiss-like mark on my right thigh that is still visible today.

She also got to use a series of three hairbrushes on my poor bum in my last scene of the day. Why three hairbrushes? Well, Holly was a door-to-door hairbrush salesperson with a very unusual sales technique!

Morgan Mae joined us for her second shoot with Punished Brats. Sporting a new brunette 'do and her trademark glasses, she was cuter than ever. Holly gave Morgan a bit of the hairbrush too and let's just say that Ms. Mae is not a fan of the sting. After her spanking, I came in the room and laughed as she pouted (No, I'm not that mean. The script called for it.) and she chased me down the hall. Let's just say she had plenty of motivation to want to catch and pummel me as I was the one to suggest we add the hairbrush into the scene (ok, maybe I am that mean).

The newest girl to join our band of brats is Helen Lei. She is so sweet and soft spoken, but she can really cop an attitude when it's called for. Of course, looking so spankable in those boots is reason enough to put her otk.

Near the end of our shoot, the storm finally let up and a beautiful double rainbow appeared in the sky. A good omen if I ever saw one.


2Good said...

A door to door hairbrush salesperson? Unique. Where does the team come up with this stuff?! I am sure I will never be a bored member!! Suggesting a hairbrush for Morgan Mae's scene? I guess this means she's no longer a newbie! Are you worried she might get even?

A.S.S. said...

Sounds very interesting. Lovely pics too. Don't know if we've seen a picture in which you had a redder bottom either. What do you think?

Todd & Suzy

Anonymous said...

As always, you look stunning in red! Very cute. And you, mean? No! Playful, daring, adventurous, adorable? Yes, Yes, Yes, and most definitely Yes!

One question though, does Morgan ever get a say so in any of your scenes? If so, you better watch your...Err...backside.


Winchester said...

Congratulations to DP on getting Holly in at such short notice - she makes a wonderful switch - and also for booking her bottom for the next shoot! (Hope George is OK).This shoot certainly seems to have lived up to expectation despite the auguries of the weather! Your newest recruit certainly looks "cute" in the schoolgirl outfit on your preview - she promises well.

As for kicking during a paddling - I would have thought you had learend that lesson long ago - well done Holly! (I would have been disappointed if the mark had not lasted longer than a day!) you were brave to go for the paddle in he first scene knowing there were two more to come, especially with the hairbrush saleswoman waiting! It might have made a nice twist if she had demonstrayed the brushes to DP and then let him choose his favoutite....but that woujld have mreant yet another session for you. (Well earned having suggested the brush for Morgan Mae, and no wonder she chase you afterwards. Will that be on the preview? All in all, much to look forward to - so thank you all at PB.

Dr. Ken said...

Pixie--I can't wait until we get some good thunderstorms here in Minnesota instead of snow! I really enjoy a rainy day--it's a good excuse to stay indoors and spank someone. :-)
Congratulations on the shoot. It's always good to see Holly, and I'm glad to see Morgan Mae is back. And the new girl looks lovely--where do you find them?--although after looking at the picture you posted, I can think of reasons other than her boots to want to put her OTK.... :-)

Dr. Ken

Anonymous said...

Oh, please tell me that cute little Morgan did not get a huge tat. Somebody please tell me that's a press on. Amber had a great suggestion on her blog that every time a girl wants a tat, she should have a spanking instead. She included herself, wishing she had never agreed to that large one on her back. Sigh, when will these young girls learn? Redchief.

Pandora said...

That thigh kiss mark - owwww! I've only ever been spanked once on the bottom with a sorority paddle - six swats - and the experience was so intense I can barely remember it. I can't imagine what that must be like on the thighs!

I can't stop looking at that otk picture of Helen Hai. She really is stunning.

Anonymous said...

I just love the third picture. ;-)


Anonymous said...

There are quite a few announcements about Morgan Mea and I would love to see her spanked soon. (If I'm right only one movie of her has been shown yet). It would be great to see her over Holly's knee as I believe Holly really is a good spanker.
So when, oh when can we expect more of those two?
A few "Preview" photo's show Morgan from a very nice angle - the photo taken over her right shoulder, so that her well-rounded buttocks can be seen from above. (It's the photo of her over Holly's knee during the last preview sequence).
I LOVE that photo..!! :-)

The site is getting better and better and I'm glad to see more F/F again.

XXX, Funbun

Dave said...

Brush salesperson? That is a fab idea -- I love thatscenario :-) kinda like the fuller brush sales men from way back in the day.

And new spankee's look quite scrumptious.....


Amber Pixie Wells said...

2Good – Eric came up with the idea of the hairbrush salesman as we were brainstorming for new scene ideas the night before the shoot due to the cast change. I’m not quite sure where he gets some of his ideas, but I’m glad they come to him! I did ask Morgan first if she felt up for a few swats with the hairbrush. She kind of gave me a look like she wasn’t sure but she agreed. Just before we were about to start filming the scene, she asked if there were any plans for me to be a spanker. I believe she sighed with relief when told the answer was no.

Todd & Suzy – Yes, my bottom did get to be a nice shade of red especially after the hairbrush scene. It was a relatively long scene and was straight to the bare so hopefully we’ll get to see my go from pale to bright red with each swat.

Javi – Fair or not, but while Morgan can put limits on her own scenes and of course can always shout out suggestions for others, she doesn’t have quite as much say in mine. Probably a good thing as revenge is sweet!

Winchester – As soon as I that swat landed on my thigh I thought I probably should have waited to do the paddling scene until later in the day, but that’s just how it worked out. Oh well. The mark probably blended in with the other bruises on my thigh that are still lingering from that collision with my bedframe back in January … and my recent encounter with the window sill.

I’m not sure yet whether Morgan chasing me down the hall will make it into the previews. Eric is creating the preview clip as I type. I’m as eager to see the results as you are!

Dr. Ken – I’m so glad we didn’t get snow here. Considering how much rain fell, I’d never have made it home if it temperatures were colder.

We have been very lucky lately with having cute new brats join us and for the most part, they’ve found us or been referred by fellow brat friends. Good stuff.

Redchief – Please don’t spank the messenger, but Morgan’s tat is indeed real and not the only one. Upon spying the large angel wings inked on her back, Eric suggested sandblasting. This was not met with a favorable response as Morgan is very fond of her body art.

Pandora – Yes, paddle swats to the thighs are something I plan to avoid from now on. Do you find the paddle to be worse than some of the other punishments you routinely take with the cane or your new hairbrush?

Elor – Thank you! :)

Funbun – As it would happen, Morgan is already scheduled for another update in the members’ section this Friday. Note, it will be her scene with Tony, not the F/F ones you prefer though. We have quite a few different models on our site now and I do my best to rotate through each girl’s material for variety purposes which can mean a while between updates while other pretty brats are being featured.

Holly in the role of spanker will be shown with our newest girl, Helen, in a scene set to debut on April 7th.

Dave – Exactly! The Fuller Brush salesman is exactly the idea we were trying to capture. :) It turned out to be a pretty humorous scene.

And isn’t Helen just delightful?

Pandora said...

Pixie - wooden paddles are a big deal for me! For years I refused to let anyone use one on me, and as a result they became one of my biggest fantasies. Nowadays I find crisp, thin wooden paddles highly erotic, but I've still only had that one experience with a heavy board. I do find them much harder to deal with than other implements, but I don't know how much of that is just not being used to it. Being so afraid of the paddle creates a weird paradox - on the one hand, it intensifies the experience and makes it much scarier and harder to deal with, but on the other hand, my fear makes the whole scene completely immersive, and I just drop straight into subspace, which means my pain threshold goes through the roof!

Sorry for going on about me :) What's your relationship with the paddle? I imagine you have considerably more experience of it than I do! :)

listener42 said...

That really is a very nice after-the-spanking shot. Good work by the spanker, and kudos to you for taking it so you could share it with us.

Winchester said...

I knew aout the bedframe (which has not been mentined for some weeks so I suspect that you have found your way around it!) - but what is this about a windowsill?

Anonymous said...

Pixie Wells is certainly a sweetheart. Those images are truly breathtaking. The camera crew at Punished Brats are obviously the best. But, you know, you can't cut - a world class diamond, without - a world class diamond.

The Serial Spanker said...

Pixie, at the risk of repeating myself, I love the way your soft smooth bottom reddens so nicely -- especially when being swatted with that no-nonsense hairbrush. I think you've hit upon something (pardon the pun) with that hairbrush frequently tanning your hide. Now if you could find a way to earn a sound strapping in your new woodshed, I think there'd be many sublimely happy Pixie fans :)

Amber Pixie Wells said...

Pandora - I can truly understand the fear of the paddle. I do get nervous, especially when the paddles are quite large, that it will clip me low and catch me on the thighs or much worse, that it will land high and possibly crack my tailbone. If I can trust the spanker enough to relax a bit and feel safe, then I can 'enjoy' the anxiety of the paddling itself rather than worrying that I'm going to end up seriously injured.

listener42 - Thank you. :) I'll be sure to pass on your compliments to Holly as well.

Winchester - The bedframe and I have not had any recent encounters, I think because the frame is still gloating over the fact that it's mark is still clearly visible 2 months after the attack. The windowsill on the otherhand has been taking notes from the bedframe and jabbed me as I hung new drapes in the dining room. I'm considering sanding down all sharp corners throughout the house or investing in a suit of armour.

Anonymous - You certainly know how to make a girl blush. A lot. :)

Serial Spanker - My bottom sure did get red from the brushes. Despite the cold, damp day, I was toasty warm for a long time following that spanking. While I can't promise a strapping, I'm sure I'll have some sort of spanking delivered in the privacy of the woodshed. While we don't shoot for PB up this way, I will do my best to take a photo if there is the opportunity. :)

SpiderSpirit said...

Hi Pixie. Sorry to come in late on this, but I cannot resist commenting on the hairbrush saleswoman picture: Besides the loveliness of your exquisitely reddened little fanny (already praised several times over), what "make" the pic for me are the adorable little pout on your lips and the equally adorable glisten in your right eye. This is my new favorite OTK picture of you. And now to learn that it's from a straight-to-the-bare scene ... I can hardly wait to be able to enjoy the finished movie!

All that, and a cute-as-a-button new brat as well; I also eagerly await Helen's video debut!

I hope your poor bum is fully recovered by now ... after all, the weekend will be here before you know it!



Anonymous said...

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