Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Out of Town Trouble

I'll be heading out of town at o'dark hundred on Friday morning to meet up with Chloe Elise for a shoot with Shadow Lane this weekend. Shooting with SL is always a lot of fun and I can't wait to see my brat pal ... especially if I get to look on as she gets her naughty and oh-so-deserving bottom warmed. Muahahaha. Of course Chloe gets to watch me get spanked too, so fair is fair I suppose.

Chloe claims she owes me a brat smack for not emailing her some pictures I promised her a while back, but I think I owe her a few for all those comments she left on my blogiversary post. It's going to be a long, fun night at the hotel. I better brush up on my ninja skills.

Right now I'm working on getting everything with Punished Brats all set for the weekend. I'll be posting Pixie's Previews (photos only, video will be ready next week) and the March 17th update in advance on Thursday night and I'm doing my best to answer all emails before I leave. I'll be doing a very frightening thing this weekend, you see - leaving my laptop at home. *shivers*

I'll have my cell phone with me which I can use to check and answer any urgent emails and provide my internet addicted self with a quick fix as needed, but since wi-fi connections aren't always available and I'm going to be pretty busy getting spanked and picking on Chloe, there's no sense in dragging my laptop with me. At least that's what I'm telling myself. *twitch*


Anonymous said...

I said this to Chloe, and I'll say it to you too, Pixie -- have FUN, and give Danny hell for me! :-) You lucky girls get to shoot with one of my favorite people ever. -- Erica

Anonymous said...

Have a great time in Vegas

I here weather is nice


Anonymous said...

Two cute girls in that photo. Have fun this weekend.

And post more of your photos (the scenic/landscape ones that you take)'ve got a great eye for composition. You and Sierra should open up a studio...


Anonymous said...

Love that photo! Have a good time!

SpiderSpirit said...

Have a great, safe trip (well, safe for all of you except your bottom, anyway!), and have a blast with Chloe! I really enjoy your work together.

Take care, be well, and have fun!!


Steve (UK) said...

Pixie – whenever I see photos of Chloe and you together, the pair of you seem to have this demeanour of the two most mischievous brats in the class.
Maybe we should change your names – to the Superbrats, or something.

Have a fun time in Vegas! No doubt your folks have been given a suitable excuse for the trip. It’s an aerobics convention, isn’t it?

The Serial Spanker said...

Love that picture of PB's most adorable uber-brats. But it gives me pause to think of two lovely but spirited young ladies on the loose without proper supervision and discipline ; )
May I suggest an "observer" to tag along to make sure the girls behave themselves at all times, and to adminsiter any correction that me be required.
Sounds like a dream job, doesn't it? Yes I know...keep dreaming.
Have fun, girls. Hugs. SS.

Chloe Elise said...

Ha! Ninja skills indeed!

Don't worry, I will keep you busy, my internet addicted friend. ;)

Anonymous said...

You know what I will say..! :-)

I would LOVE to see some photos of YOU spanking Chloe and vice versa.!
Just for the FUN...! :-)

Have a great time in Vegas, one of the naughtiest town in the World, where girls NEED to get spanked..! On their bare buttocks...

Have FUN.

Love and XXX + XXX for you both, Funbun

David 007 said...

Best wishes for a great shoot, Pixie. You two are among the best in the business no matter which company you work for. (HUGS) Try not to spend too much downtime in the casino. ;)

Dr. Ken said...

You know, ninja skills, nunchuk skills, bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills....
Bare-bottom spanking skills....


Dr. Ken


Chloe and Pixie Ass-aulting (pun intended) more poor spankers hands with your backsides! There should be a law! ;-)


A.S.S. said...

What a lucky girl! Have a safe trip, and have fun.

Todd & Suzy

Dr. Ken said...

Just a reminder, you owe Chloe 13 swats for the 13 comments she left regarding your blogiversary....

The ever-helpful Dr. Ken

2Good said...

Is there some mathematical brat smack formula? Hmmm. Not fulfilling a promise to a friend vs excessive blogiversary comments? Hopefully the number of photos owed to her is less than the count of blog comments left for you!

Clare Fonda said...

Amber Pixie Wells, Chloe Elise and Danny Chrighton in one shoot. There was not been so much blond ambition since Village of the Damned.

Winchester said...

Hope the weekend lived up to all expectations - both in quality of re-unions and quality of spanking! - and hope the return journey was accomplished without too much tenderness! Lookoing forward to your report and the write up on SL eventually.

Amber Pixie Wells said...

Erica - Thank you! We definitely had a lot of fun. Danny is a really awesome guy. I should have given him more hell, but dang he spanks hard!

Duncan - The weather was a little cool (only in the 50s and 60s for a high), but we certainly had a great time anyway.

JC - Thanks JC. I didn't end up taking too many pics this trip because my camera was too bulky to carry comfortably, but Chloe got several shots of us being silly on hers. I have some vanilla ones from local walks and such that I could always post in the near future if you'd like and with the weather warming up, I'm bound to take more. And wouldn't it be fun to be spanky shutterbugs with Sierra?! :) Cool idea!

Javi - Thank you!

Jeff - We certainly had a blast and always have a lot of fun both working and playing together. I miss Chloe already!!

Steve (uk) - If we were in class together, I have no doubt the teacher would separate us in a heartbeat. And yes, plenty of excuses were given. Now I just need to keep them all straight.

SS - We had two observers much of the time, and although we were "relatively" well behaved, we somehow ended up spanked anyway!

Chloe - With our high kicks, one of these days we are going to have to do a ninja brat video. ;-)

Funbun - Chloe and I had lots of fun, but no traded spankings this time around but don't worry, we both had very sore bottoms in any case!

007 - Excellent shoot. We were all over the place during our downtime.

Dr. Ken - it's good to be well rounded ...

Prefectdt - Heheheh. I most certainly hope that Arthur and Danny felt some soreness too on Sunday. Fair is fair.

Todd & Suzy - Very lucky indeed.

Dr. Ken - I owe her a lot more than that now.

2Good - No formula needed. I declare that the score is in my favor.

Clare - Yeah, blondes behaving badly. Danny included.

Winchester - The report is in ... and it did indeed live up to and exceed expectations.