Monday, March 17, 2008

Home Again

Trying to get comfortable on the plane ride home was quite a challenge. Beyond the usual challenges of cramped quarters, irritating neighbors, and turbulance, there was also the matter of my well-spanked bottom which made sitting still for 5+ hours difficult. I have to say though that as I squirmed, it was a pleasant distraction to think of the spankings that got me in that condition.

The photo here was taken on Sunday morning, and despite it being hours after my last spanking, my cheeks were still surprisingly warm and blushing pink with speckles of bruising dotting the area. Since I don't mark that easily anymore, I was really pleased to see there was a visual reminder of all the spanking fun I'd had on Saturday.

Chloe, Rucca Page, and I were indeed each well spanked by Danny Chrighton and Arthur Sire. In addition to the guy's heavy hands, Chloe and I were paddled and strapped, and Danny introduced me to the feel of a rubber riding crop (interesting!). Just in time for this post, here are some hot off the presses preview pictures that Tony sent over. :) Good stuff! Look for this video coming soon to Shadow Lane.

After our shoot, some good food, and a bit of rest, Danny, Arthur, Chloe, and I headed to Fremont Street to grab a couple drinks, do a little gambling, and watch the light show. As cool as the light show was, I think the odd and inebriated people attending always steal the show. One such fellow came up to us in the middle of the performance after finding a broken hair clip on the ground, asked us if it was a roach clip, and then attempted to pin it to a nearby shrub. :-/ I'm sure that made perfect sense to him.

When we headed over to the slot machines, Lady Luck must have been on my side. I played some sort of cute frog themed video slot game and almost doubled my money! Yes, I won all of $4.30. Hey, a win is a win, right?

At one point during the evening Danny came up with the creative idea that since I rarely curse, I would instead get spanked each time Chloe said a bad word. Chloe grinned widely and spewed a string of explitives that would make George Carlin proud. Danny's rapid fire assault on my cheeks got me to yell out "Frickin' A!!", which then got me spanked even more!

I now owe Chloe some more payback. I might consider possibly letting her slide on the multiple blogiversary comments she left me, but her quick willingness to provide additional incentive for Danny is really asking for it. Oh, and then there was the little issue of Chloe missing her scheduled flight on the way out to Vegas and gypping us both of an afternoon of quality brat bonding time. I had to roam the strip alone (Sniff!!) on Friday afternoon. Definitely a matter that needs to be dealt with in the near future. Somehow, some day, and when she's least expecting it. >:)


Anonymous said...

WOW! The pics of you were gorgeous, and it was nice to see that Wonder Bottom Wells does have a mark or two left behind sometimes.. I will definately have to purchase that video of you from Shadow Lane.

As for teaching your fellow brat a lesson I have no doubt that you will come up with something brilliant and slightly sinister as well.

Thanks for sharing with all of us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pixie

They are quick at Shadowlane, they already posted the the picture of the four of you on their main web page. Hope you are feeling better and have a happy easter


A.S.S. said...

Congrats on your lucky streak! A win is indeed a win. Congrats to Chloe on her good fortune too. She curses, and you get spanked. lol, yep... she was a lucky girl.

Very nice pictures. We're wondering... when you are getting spanked with someone else (like Chloe for example), does it impact how you react? Do you get a little competitive and try to show her you can take it... or does it work the other way, and because she's also getting spanked it's easier to 'suffer' with her?

Todd & Suzy

Richard Windsor said...

Oooooh, if you need help with some creative payback ideas, you know where to come calling, right? :-) Nothing against Chloe of course, I just like using my imagination.

Glad you had fun in Vegas!!

Anonymous said...

Not only are the four of you on the main page, but you and Danny are on the member page, too. Nicely done, Miss Pixie. I was supposed to see Danny today, but I'm sick as hell and had to cancel... you probably wore him out anyway! :-D -- Erica

Brad said...

It's always a pleasure when deserving spankee meets talented spanker. Danny is technically proficient and Pixie and Chloe sure know how to take it.

Did you do the round robin audio tape as well?

David 007 said...

Congrats on another great shoot sweetie. And welcome home (HUGGGGS) Looking forward to your next PB shoot and more Pixie Previews this weekend.

Chloe Elise said...

hey, what a familiar picture! haha...

oh! and i'm always expecting it. :)

2Good said...

So glad you enjoyed your trip.
Do you find other shoots a nice change because you don't have the added responsibilities you do at Punished Brats? It must be great to come in simply as a model and allow someone else to worry about all the little details.

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great trip! Congratulations on your gambling wins. Last time I was in a casino I lost $4,000. I was steaming mad until I realized that with the exchange rate, it was equivalent to $10 U.S.

I have no doubts as to Chloe's vigilance. She may always be expecting it, but I know you'll come up with something clever. Don't underestimate the power of psychological warfare! It can take the edge off the alertness of even the best prepared brat!! >:)


Anonymous said...

Congrats on another SL film! You're this weeks cover girl on the SL member's board, as it looks like Danny spanked your bratty bottom pretty hard.

You and Chloe looked really good sharing a movie together. No doubt it was a fun Vegas weekend.

Way to go Pixie!


Steve (UK) said...

looks like you all had a fun time in Vegas!

If Chloe is going to get away without the spankings she deserves, you should at least give her some extra corner time.

Anonymous said...

As usual.....what a lovely picture of your still-sore bottom the morning-after-the-night-before as it were!!! Did your burning bottom keep you awake or wake you up in the middle of the night?

Wonderful to see your shapely mounds of bottom-flesh pressing against each other!!!!!!!


Clayton said...

Enjoyed the story and the pics ;)


Winchester said...

Glad that you evidently had such a great time - there musr have been some very fine spanking to leave you with marks the nest day! Was the rubber rfiding crop something to do with that do you think? It sound rather horrific!
Do we have to join SL to get to see the films? Or will they be available on their rental downloads?

As for becoming Chloe's "whipping girl" for when she really earned a spanking for her own bad language - was that something you willingly entered into or something Danny ensured you couldnot really get out of? Either was, I guess your troublemiont twin will be in for somehing rather special next time she appears on PB!! :-)

THanks for all the sharing, anyway, Pixie.

Amber Pixie Wells said...

Alex - Thank you! Glad you like the look of the preview pics. And thank you for having faith that I will get that little brat back. >:) Muahaha.

Duncan - Yes, they are very quick. I am no longer sore so in that sense I'm feeling better, but even when I originally wrote the post, I was feeling pretty good. ;-)

Todd & Suzy - It doesn't affect me too much one way or another. It does make it difficult to deliver any dialogue while the other couple is spanking and reacting and the other thing I'm conscious of is trying not to yelp in unison. The experience is a little more intense because the noise level is doubled and during that momentary lull between smacks, I look up only to see someone else getting the same treatment.

Richard - Wonderful! I will no doubt be tapping into your evil imagination soon.

Erica - Thank you!! Sorry to hear that you are sick. Never a good time for sneezing and sniffling.

Brad - No, we didn't end up doing the round robin audio tape. We were pretty spent after the shoot so it was temporarily put on the backburner.

007 - Thank you. :) Yup, the PB preview clip will be up this weekend.

Chloe - Yes, what a wonderful photographer I had! A pr0n photographer. ;)

2Good - Yes, it is nice in a way to be able to take a back seat. I'm not nearly as bossy or boisterous as I am on the set of PB and don't have as many headaches and worries. But at the same time, I get somewhat more nervous because I don't know exactly what to expect or what is expected of me and I don't in any way want to disappoint.

Javi - Yeah, Chloe is almost always on her toes. Well, even if she's expecting it, I'll have to make sure the payback is good.

Razor - Danny spanks very hard! The whole weekend was a lot of fun and I can't wait to see the final results of our shoot.

Steve (uk) - I'm always happy to give her corner time ... especially if I can give her mine.

Aristotle - It didn't keep me awake nor wake me up (after going to bed at 5am, I was pretty darn tired). I did however wince and whine every time I moved while awake.

Clayton - thanks :)

Winchester - I'm not sure what made the marks. I would have though the crop would have left lines rather than scattered spots of bruising. The crop wasn't so terrible. It reminded me of the cane, but bouncier.

You'll be able to purchase the SL video on DVD or full movie download.

Yes, I suppose I wasn't really in any position to argue about the fairness of being spanked for Chloe's bad language at the time, and also because I wasn't about to readily offer up reasons of my own to be punished!!

Anonymous said...

amber here an idea for u to get chloe back

after she get a pretty hard spankings from a spanker and her butt bright red and sore.

you should announce that chloe has another spanking comming from mystery spanker and the mystery spanker is you lol then you take her over ya knee and give her a spanking with all the immplement u can find or same one used on her.


Anonymous said...

Chloe deserves a big bar of soap in her mouth for getting you spanked with her language. That can be a nice surprise for her next time she shoots for PB!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pixie,

I'm so glad you had a good shoot with us, and I had a great time too. You were just great. Let's do it again soon,