Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I was at the gym today as usual, battling my nemeses the Pink Power Ranger (a girl that dresses in all pink from headband to sneakers and has a knack for nabbing the machines I'm headed for an instant before I get there) and Jabber Jaws (the guy who likes to camp out on the preacher curl or the leg extension for hours but only exercises his jaws as he chatters away to anyone that will listen). I noticed the gym staff had tacked up a new fitness poster called the Perceived Exertion Index chart, similar to this one.

It made me think about the intensity of spanking and how we all can perceive said intensity differently depending on our personal tolerance levels. Even with the same individual, two spankings delivered in exactly the same manner can be experienced as being on two very different levels depending on the day. I know that for me personally, some days I can and want to take a pretty intense spanking, and other days I struggle to endure much at all.
I've heard theories that for female spankees, the level of intensity she can tolerate is greatly influenced by where she is in her cycle. I've also heard that caffeine intake will significantly reduce one's pain threshhold. Personally, I haven't noted either to be the case, but I have found that being tired, sick, cold, or sad to have a significant impact.

But putting those bad days and icky feelings aside and considering those times when I really do want to play, I like to be spanked to at the very least a level 5/6, and preferably to a level 7/8. Now, my idea of what those levels of spanking are no doubt vary from the next person's, but that's why it a "Perceived Intensity".

I want to kick and squirm, yelp and fuss with 100% genuine reaction. If I have to fake it, it's not fun. On occasion, I like to kick it up a notch and be spanked until my maximum threshhold level of a 9/10. I like the challenge and the intensity, but if I were to max out every time, I would probably burn out quickly and lose my passion for spanking. Variety within the range of 5 - 8 with the occasional push to a 9/10 is a good, fun, and safe thing in my book. (Note: Off-the-chart range 11/12 spankings that are administered with the spanker's goal being to get me to safeword / mercy and that literally leave me feeling nauseous are not good, fun, or safe to me. 9/10 is my perceived max.)

What level do you prefer to receive or administer? Light playful taps, near sensory overload, or something in between? Does your preference and perceived intensity vary from day to day?


Anonymous said...

Hey Pixie-

Great post! I think that my intensity level for most spankings is around a 5/6, but I do like a really hard spanking on the level of 9/10 at least once a month. I have a really high pain tolerance and sometimes I need more to feel the wonderful burn. But some days when I am not feeling all that naughty I am happy with just a light playful spanking or a few well placed smacks as well.

For me the intensity depends on my mood and how my body is feeling that day, good or bad... But it is always fun to kick it up a notch from time to time to test how much I can stand. Of course caffine has never really affected the intensity of one of my spankings yet.

David 007 said...

The fantasy is to give spankings in the 7/8 range or even 9/10 but most play partners only want the 5/6 range. It's all about the play partner's preference, which change from person to person. I have to say, just hearing you describe your preference puts a smile on my face :-) Great entry. It's funny that you have nicknames for the twerps at your gym. Guess every gym has folks like that. Sounds like a great idea for a PB video, having Miss Pink Power Ranger spanked for hogging the good machines.

Dr. Ken said...

Dear Pixie,
My spanking intensity level doesn't so much vary from day to day, but from person to person. In other words, it all depends on who I'm playing with. I used to play with a lady in Chicago who could only take the lightest of spankings, a 1/2 on the scale. I always spanked her slow, soft, and sensual. I would occasionally stop and ask her if I was spanking too hard (and every now and then, if it was too light!). She always assured me it was right where she wanted it.
At the other end of the scale, there's a lady I hope to see this weekend whose spankings the last few times we've gotten together have been 7/8 on the scale, and come close to 9/10. A few sessions back, she got a prolonged dose of the hairbrush that, I told her, was very close to a real discipline spanking. Her butt, she said, felt like it was on fire, but it was what she wanted and needed.
Left to my own devices, I'd say the spankings I give fall in the 5/6 range but will occasionally push the envelope to 7/8 or higher.
Again, it all depends on the spankee.

Dr. Ken

Anonymous said...

What a thoughtful post.

I think the intensity I can take also depends on my trust with the person at the other end. That being said, I do run through times when I don't want a 2, and other times when 6/7 would be better for me.

Keep up the great posts.


5-6 is good but 7-10 is best depending on mood and place mentally. the problem with 9-10 is that, in my case, it will involve screeching and shouting (I love screeching and shouting) but if there are neighbors to hear then this is a no go - the butt is willing but the mouth is too loud.


Anonymous said...

Quite insightful, Pixie; this post hit the nail on the head. I think your chart should be in every spankophile home to serve as a reminder that spanking isn't about maxing out every time. The trick in a spanking relationship is to always remember that the real purpose is play, which has at its heart enjoymnet and fulfillment - for both parties. Play can't be exactly the same every time without going completely stale. Even parental discipline spankings wouldn't be at the maximum level all the time, unless they were just anger-fueld abuse. The many I've witnessed have been on the order of what Alex described - without the playfulness, of course (that would be a different kind of abuse). Still, there had to be *something* about childhood spankings that clicked with us and remained in our hardwiring all the years afterward.

Dreams oƒ Horses

Brad D. said...

I like to really know the person I am spanking, what she likes, what excites her, what scares her, what verbal cues get in her brain, and what special kinks she has. Part of the fun of Shadow Lane is finding where people are, whether they need it light or hard, and how bare they like to get. Its funny, some girls at Shadow Lane get so much attention to their bare bottoms that they want to show off their tops!

I guess my inclination is to give a spanking one level below what I think is the level the woman wants.

I NEVER want to go beyond what is the consensual level we have agreed upon. That said, I have had girls cry and when it is a good cry, we both have had a good scene.


Brad D.

Anonymous said...

I don't mind if a warm-up is 3/4, but overall, the spanking has to be at least 5/6 to give me any satisfaction. Patty-cake, playfully light taps annoy me -- it's like eating a piece of chocolate cake one crumb at a time. You don't taste anything with the latter, and you don't feel anything with the former.

I like to go to a 9/10 with a trusted partner when I feel the need for release, but I don't need to go there every time. Probably 7/8 is my most frequent range. -- Erica

SpiderSpirit said...

Hi Pixie. I know everyone's already said it, but excellent post!! This is the type of thing that puts yours far above the average spanking blog.

For fun and / or therapeutic spankings, both my spanking arm and my spanked bottom both like to stay in the 6-7 range, venturing occasionally up to 8 and back again.

When I'm giving my "niece" a true discipline spanking (always for not taking care of herself in some way), I take her into the 9-10 range (indicated by her crying and begging me to stop).

(For anyone who's concerned, my "niece" is 31 years old, and, as the quotation marks indicate, we are not actually related. She has chosen to think of me as her "uncle" as well as her friend, and, on the sadly infrequent occasions we get to see each other, she willingly submits to whatever kind of spanking I think she deserves / needs. So of course, the reality is that even her harshest discipline spankings are in fact consensual; however, she has asked me not to remind her of that fact when she has a spanking coming!)

Take care.


PS: Maybe you could somehow pit your two gym nemeses against each other ... JJ could distract PPR while you snag a machine and pop in your earbuds!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pixie......If it is a punishment I am administering..and it usually is....I want the spankings that I deliver to the two women whose bottoms I deal with to be at least 6.....the top end of 'Ouch' or at most 7....the lower end of'really painful'

Of course, in between such discipline spankings, I do give both of them well placed, admonitory smacks on their behinds as well.

thank you for introducing such interesting, serious and thoughtful topics.

Yours with spanks....


Amber Pixie Wells said...

Alex - Mood is a major factor. Thankfully, caffeine isn't for us or I bet neither one of us could take much of a swat!

007 - Yeah, every gym has their own notable personalities. I also regularly encounter Xena, Bumble Bee Woman, and Mr. Stinky. It's like a live soap opera. And as far as the Pink Power Ranger, I just wish I could lure her to the set of PB for a very special glutes workout.

Dr. Ken - That's a wonderful, invaluable trait - being able to adjust so completely to the needs of the spankee even when your own preference lies somewhere in the middle.

Anonymous - Excellent point. Trust is a huge part of it - both in trusting someone to physically spank harder and also to trust them on an emotional level to make the whole experience intense.

Prefectdt - Oh, that would be a limiting factor, wouldn't it? Explaining to curious/concerned neighbors or the police would surely make the intensity off the charts, and not in a good way.

Dreams of Horses - A range can be a good thing. As you pointed out, variety is important, and I think if we tried to max out every time, we'd end up emotionally spent, possibly permanently injured, and risk losing interest.

Brad - As with Dr. Ken, it's always reassuring to hear that spankers keep the needs and limits of the spankee in mind during a session.

Erica - Perfect analogy! Butterfly pats when you are craving a real spanking is so frustrating. I want something to say "ow" about!

Jeff - Thank you. :) Makes sense that a true discipline spanking would reach a perceived level 9-10, especially if it's for something so detrimental as a lack of self-care.

Aristotle - Your two lovely ladies never do seem to heed those warning swat between sessions, do they? Lucky for you. ;-)