Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

The Easter Bunny was very good to me this year. I have enough chocolate now to keep me hyper for weeks and still enough left over that I could share with with my fellow sugar fiend, Amy Hunter.

There's no shortage of bubblegum (one of the major food groups for pixies) either. Thanks to 007 who sent a very large variety of egg shaped gumballs. I thank you and my dentist thanks you because I will no doubt be helping to finance her summer home at this rate. :)

Tucked into my Easter basket along with all the chocolate was this cool handbook. It may not be the brat's guidebook to naughtiness, but The Action Heroine's Handbook is chock full of tips and tricks I can use to find my way in or out of trouble. Everything from how to outwit a sasquatch to how to outrun a fireball.

And while going through today's paper, my boyfriend spotted this ad for Tender Whole Butt. That's the best kind. Such a shame when a lopsided spanking results in only a tender half butt.


David 007 said...

I'm sure you brush between gum chewings, young lady. If not, that's what the two paddles are for. ;) (HUGGGGS) Happy Easter sweetie. Hope you're having a great day.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, but does that Handbook tell you how to outwit a Sasquatch intent on giving you a spanking? (And Yeti, aren't they the best kind to encounter?) Abominable puns aside, Easter is a great time to give that Bunny costume a workout - you know, the one with the drop-flap in the back made just for accessing a naughty bottom in need of "proper" attention.

Dreams oƒ Horses

2Good said...

TWO paddle ball games for you?! I always found ONE of those in my Easter basket as a kid. It was a tradition from my dad's childhood that he carried into mine. >:( I would bury it at the bottom of my toy box. I was only too happy to sneak it into the trash on my next room-cleaning day. WEG! I doubt you'd do the same!

emily said...

Happy Easter..


Anonymous said...

Have a Great Easter and hope you have a great week too



Easter, the chocolate holiday, love it. :-)

Then dieting after Easter. :-(

I take it that since you mention her name that a visit from Ms Hunter is imminent?


Steve (UK) said...

Well, as the weatherman predicted, we had snow flurries here on Sunday, and it's still flippin' cold today. No sign of Easter bunnies either, just the squirrels.
Still, I'm glad you had a good day. Don't eat that chocolate all at once!

Anonymous said...

Tender whole butt! LOL! Well, you don't want a half-assed spanking, do ya? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oooops... the above was me. -- Erica

Anonymous said...

A little ironic that the words "whole roasting" just so happen to appear above "tender whole butt". Hmmm...spanking, and its resulting after affects? What are these newspaper people up to?

Loved the preview! Hope you had a Happy Easter.


Amber Pixie Wells said...

007 - Yes, I definitely brush in between. But I'm a chain-chewer and those giant Easter gumballs are definitely filling pullers.

Dreams of Horses - *Checks storage bins* Sadly, a bunny outfit is one of the few costumes I do not own. Must rectify that soon.

2Good - Whenever I see those paddles, it makes me think about the portion of Jeff Foxworthy's stand up routine where he talks about playing with the toy, the flimsy elastic breaking sending the ball smashing into a lamp, and getting spanked with the paddle. Smart thinking ditching yours ASAP!

emily - Hope you had a great Easter!

Duncan - Thanks! You too. :)

Prefectdt - Sadly, there are no plans that I know of for Ms Hunter to make a visit, though if she does, I will be sure to have lots and lots of candy on hand for her. :) For now, she is simply a sugar loving kindred soul. Perhaps I can lure her over with promises of lots and lots of chocolate and frosting ... oh Amy ...

Steve (uk) - No spring, no bunnies? :( How very sad. Hopefully warmer weather and candies will find their way to you soon.

Erica - I thought that was you! And no, we definitely don't want any half-assed spankings. LOL!!

Javi - I hadn't even noticed the "whole roasting", but that is very fitting now isn't it?

Spanking_Amy said...

Oh yes, you can lure me anywhere with enough promise of sugar, spanking and general fun!

And I certainly do intend to visit still sometime this year. :)