Friday, March 28, 2008

Tomorrow's PB Shoot

I have my bag all packed with clothes, shoes, costumes, and paddles, all ready to head down to Philly for what's sure to be a wonderful Punished Brats shoot. Beverly, Holly, and Veronica who have been with us since almost the very beginning and Erica, who more recently joined the PB family, will be joining David and me in the spanking fun.

We have a lot of neat scene ideas on tap from the creative mind of our editor/director, Eric. Everything from sorority girls to office scenarios to the classic bad girl domestic scene is on the agenda. He even came up with a fun way to work my naughty pirate outfit into a scene. Yesss!

Now, before I ramble on too much about the fun we're sure to have and the great scenes we'll have by the end of the day, I do need to mention that there will be a bit of a delay before the pixie's preview video clip and the complete scenes are available. I will have preview pictures ready to share by Sunday, but following tomorrow's shoot, we'll be taking a bit of a break from shooting and there will be a slight delay in editing our latest material. I know how many of you look forward to the preview clip (as well as the fresh new material), but no pouting or it will be corner time for everyone (well, except me of course). >:)

Don't worry. We have a large backlog of content that I'm excited to have the chance to post to the members' section. Although I do have the schedule of updates tentatively planned for the next few weeks, let me know if there are any previously filmed scenes that you might have seen previews or photos for that you are eager to have added to the members' section and I will see what I can do to shuffle things around.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to see the scene where Beverly spanks you!

emily said...

Another way cute outfit!! And absolutely love the boots!! You definitely get the most fashionable award :)


Anonymous said...

Hello dear Pixie. Count me in as one who could not mind less that you'll be sorting through some of your older scenes and posting them. I can recall many a scene in previews that I've yet to see put into the member's sections, so I'm just giddy about this development, heh.

One scene I can recall off the top of my head involved Julia and Veronica. Those two have always been favorites of mine, especially together.

I'm not sure of the context or name of the scene however, I just know Julia was wearing jeans and it appeared Veronica had her over the lap in a bedroom type setting. I thought it looked quite intriguing so if this isn't so vague for you to recall, lol, that's one I'd like to see if you find time to stick it in to a upcoming update.

But no matter what, I know whatever you choose, the scene will be amazing, as always, and I can't wait to check them all out.


David 007 said...

Break a brush tomorrow for the shoot sweetie. (HUGGS) What's the Pirates section called? "At Bottom's End" ? Captain Jane Sparr-OW! ;-) Remind me to send David a headshot while you're on hiatus.

SpiderSpirit said...

I'm eager to see the scenes from the March 8th shoot -- particularly Holly the hairbrush saleswoman, the BIG sorority paddle, and the debut of Helen.

Best wishes for a fun and spanktacular shoot today!


Anonymous said...

Beverly as a Top??!! There's sure to be mutiny afoot! Time for some Keel-Haulin', you seadogs! Actually, I think Beverly would make a very "handy" Top, and might just take to it so well that we'll never see her pretty bottom again. (Fortunately, she'll never see these comments, so the status quo is safe.)

Dreams oƒ Horses

Steve (UK) said...

Now let’s think...
The one with Chelsea as Morticia Addams (or whoever that character was supposed to be), or failing that, any scene featuring a sultry brunette dealing with a hapless blonde who thought she was going to get away with it.

Winchester said...

I hope for all your sakes (and ours) that the problem of the next few weeks is cureable and not terminal! The PB "family" is too important a part of our lives - so I hope today;s shoot has been great fun and gone well - and that there will be more shoots in the future! There was something a little "farewell-ish" about the way your described Beverly, Holly and Veronica as having "been with us simce almost the beginning"....

Whatever the situation, may all work out well - and in the mean time, lets enjoy the backlog!

Anonymous said...

Hey Pixie-

Here's hopping that you are not too sore after your shoot yesterday. I have a couple of scences that I would love to see in the member's section. I have the names of a couple and the rest I will do my best to explain to you.

I would love to see the President's Daughters with you and Sara, another one is with you and Susan I think it is titled Quiet Upstairs.

Another pick is the one with you and Veronica where she is using a wooden spoon on your poor backside- not sure about the name on that one. Also on your preview clips there was a scence with Susan and Charile Skye that looked like a good one too. Noticing a theme here?

Lastly I agree with Lori where she described the sceen with Veronica and Juliet is a homeschooled brat, and if I remember correctly you have a role in that one as well.

Anyway just thought that I would add my two cents in, alright that was more like a dine's worth. But keep up the great work I love everything you guys at PB come up with.


Anonymous said...

"Farewell-ish" might be a little 'over the Top' (pun intended). Perhaps there is nothing more to this "break" than that PB has been forced to relocate. The timing is right, with the last shoot at the end of the month, and moving would require holding off the editing process. Looking at the archives, PB's first video is June, 2006, which allows 6-8 weeks for editing time to bring the first shoots on line. No telling why, but that local article may not have been as helpful as first thought.

Beverly Bacci said...

What's this I see about about my bottom never being seen again? Blasphemy! I could never keep such a rosy round thing all to myself! Pixie wouldn't let me!
Psssst-the shoot was a BLAST and I topped with my left had! And Pixie looked hot hot HOT in the pirate outfit!

Amber Pixie Wells said...

I intended nothing "Farewell-ish" about my statement. I was just pointing out that Beverly, Holly, and Veronica have worked with us the longest of all of our current cast members. It felt a bit like homecoming. While fresh faces and adding to the PB Team is always great, it's also wonderful to have old friends all together to shoot again. We haven't had B, H, and V all together for a shoot since August of 2006.

We are not relocating. The local article did not have any ill effects and you just can't get away from the peach walls and green plaid couch that easily!! :) Interesting theory you've worked out, but no.

We are simply taking a little time off from shooting to allow one of our key team members a bit of time to attend to personal (and private) matters.

With regard to the editing, all of the scenes, with the exception of what we shot less than 24 hours ago, are all edited and ready to go. Everything from scenes shot way back in 2006 to ones done just 3 weeks ago (our editor is fantastic and usually has a turn around time of 3 - 4 days for all content). There will be a delay in editing the content shot yesterday while personal and non-business related matters are attended to. Once our editor/director returns from attending to these matters, these scenes will be worked on and we will then resume filming again, at the same location, shortly there after.

I'll reply to others' comments at a later time, but I just wanted to set the record straight before more theories and rumors blossomed.

2Good said...

Other sites take breaks too, don't they? Everyone who works hard deserves a break or even some personal time when needed. I am willing to be patient. It will give me something to look forward to. And I am not just saying all of this to avoid corner time. No pouting here! Really! O:)

Winchester said...

Thank you Pixie for your explanation. I am sorry if I added 2 + 2 and made 5by misreadng what you had written about the PB family and that my comment seemed to be out of place. I was and am simply concerned for you and all your production team - and my houghts remain with your editor/director.

Beverly's comment reassures that the shoot yesterday was great: I just wonder how topping with her left hand worked out. Is she ambi-dextrous? And if she is right handed, could she generate sufficient power with the left to do a proper job? It would be a shame if some poor bottom did not get the roasting it deserved....!Something to lok forward to seeing!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy scenes where more than one brat is in trouble.

By the way, I just saw Pixie's Previews and must compliment you on your reaction/facial expression in the scene where Veronica is spanking Beverly; you look absolutely terrified!

Anonymous said...

Gotcha, Beverly! Now let's see if I was right about how good a Top you'd be. Aye, and with yer left hand; who'd a thunk ye'd be a "switch-hitter"! Let that be the end to all the bilge about you retiring that lovely stern, and other such scuttlebutt what makes it sound like the crew's got into the grog!

(Gotta go, I think I'm seasick..)
D o H

Dr. Ken said...

Pirates, eh? Methinks a warmed bottom from Capt. Jack Spanko and a trip to Davy Jones' corner might be in order.....
As for scenes--well, I'm looking forward to any one of the scenes you shot with Helen Lei (although I think you already said one was coming up in April)--and, of course, anything with Sarah Gregory! :-)
You knew I was going to say that, didn't you?

Dr. Ken

Anonymous said...

Hi Pixie,

In the last Preview of 2007 (Called 12307, starting with a house covered wth snow) we see you over Beverly's knee with (red) panties down for a good bare bottom spanking. WOULD LOVE to see that one..:-)
In the same Preview you're getting spanked by Veronica on a straight backed chair. A scene I haven't seen either. So please give us the one where Beverly spanks you (with her right hand) asap.. :-) Followed by that Veronica spanking.

XXX, Funbun

Amber Pixie Wells said...

Anonymous - I will have to add that one into the schedule

emily - Thanks! I don't know about the most fashionable award, but I will gladly accept creative costuming. :)

Lori - I think the one you're describing is Homeschooled Brat. It was the very first scene Juliet ever did. She gets busted for paying the maid (me) to do her schoolwork for her.

007 - No brushes were broken ... in fact no brushes were even used! Yay!! Plenty of other wooden implements though. Sadly, none of them broke either.

Jeff - Helen will debut next Monday. That one I can guarantee!

Steve - The Evil Queen scene. Chelsea was terrific in that role and didn't she look hot in that outfit??

Winchester - The shoot was a lot of fun. It was a great cast and we accomplished a ton of scenes in record time. Thanks for your good wishes.

Alex - I do have President's Daughter slated for April 16th and I had the wooden spoon one set for May 9th, but I'm getting so many different suggestions (which is to be expected as everyone has different preferences), I'm perhaps more confused as to what to select than ever before!

Beverly - You rocked on Saturday! And you're right, I wouldn't let you get away that easily!!

2Good - Yes, sometimes a break is necessary especially when it comes to matters of health. And while it's not at all uncommon for sites to take a break, I didn't want there to be any concern when the free preview clips aren't being posted regularly as before. We'll be back on set just as soon as we can and in the meantime, it seems I already have a ton of content to select from.

Winchester - No worries at all. I just didn't want things to snowball and people to grow concerned unnecessarily. Definitely no farewells here. Thank you again for you good wishes for Eric.

I'm not sure if Beverly is ambidextrous, but she is darn strong and fit and so I don't think Erica got off lightly at all.

Anonymous - Hmmm ... I'll take that as another vote for the scene with Sarah Gregory and me in the President's Daughters scene since I have that one in the schedule and it fits the bill. :)

And thank you for the compliment on the photo. I had good reason to be scared!

Dr. Ken - Yup. Helen and Sarah scenes, coming up for certain.

Funbun - Since a few of you have requested the scene with Beverly spanking me, I'll be sure to move that one up. I'll keep the others in mind as well, but I'm sure I'll post a straight back chair scene of some sort at the very least.