Thursday, March 20, 2008

Color Check

After a spanking, do you take a moment to look at the “end results”? If you are on the receiving end, do you run to a mirror and check the damage done and if you’re the spanker, do you have the spankee pause a moment so that you can admire your handiwork?

I often do. Provided I’m not being made to stand in some dusty corner, I’ll take a peek in the mirror or twist myself into a pretzel trying to view my own backside. I’m curious to see what level of red was achieved and if the color matches the intensity I perceived.

On those rare occasions that I come away marked after my spanking, I will continue to check the state of my bottom daily until it returns to its usual pale white state.

The only time I wouldn’t want to have a look is if I were actually ordered to do so. No matter how curious I might have been only seconds before, being made to look would automatically destroy any and all desire. Probably the stubborn brat in me that wants to do the exact opposite of what I’m told. :)


Jenni said...

Like you I always want to look and see the results of a spanking. I do enjoy the lingering after effects for days afterward. Its a constant reminder to be "good"! :-)
Its hard though sometimes in a vinilla household to fully enjoy the marks.

Love your writing by the way!
My Dirty Little Secret

Anonymous said...

Admiring my handiwork is one of the most rewarding elements of a good spanking. The deep red glow of freshly spanked cheeks and thighs are an exquisite sight to behold. And hopefully the flushed and purring young lady in the corner feels the same way :)
Happy spanking.


Yes I look and love it when there are still marks the next day,though usualy there is only marks from a good hard caning after a day.

I find that a small hand mirror, to view the larger mirror with, helps combat TPS (Twisty Pretsil syndrome).


Well Spanked Man said...

I almost always look at my bottom in a mirror after a spanking. Even when we take photos or video, I normally sneak a quick peak, though I know I'll see it the next day editing the shoot for the web, I just can't wait.

I've never been ordered to look at my bottom in the mirror, that would be different. And, getting older, I have noticed that its no longer so easy to twist around and get a great look!


David 007 said...

Absolutely. After the spanking, the only thing better than aftercare is taking a good look at that beautiful red sore bottom. That redness is a major turn on. :) It's always lovely when it's on display. Definitely a valid question.

SpiderSpirit said...

Ah, yes. I remember my first time giving a real punishment spanking (hand, followed by 18" wooden ruler, which I decided not to use again because it was too harsh). Afterwards, my "niece" and I both took a look at her bottom every hour or so, noting the remarkable changes in color (and she commenting on the not-so-quick-to-change soreness!).

Similarly, when my bottom has been the target of some stern, loving discipline (in this case, always in the context of a role-play that's fully my idea), I've enjoyed checking out the aftermath in the mirror, too. I even do that when I occasionally attempt to spank myself (did I just admit that??) -- which, on the doability scale, ranks only slightly above tickling oneself.

One more thing: I must respectfully differ with david 007: While "taking a good look" is certainly a pleasure, aftercare -- giving or receiving -- is absolutely sublime.


Anonymous said...

You know what, hon -- I have yet to meet a woman who doesn't look! That was one of my favorite moments in Secretary, when Lee went and looked at her bottom after her boss spanked for the first time. That was SO what we do. -- Erica

emily said...

Firstly what a very adorable outift. Alice In Wonderland is my absolute favorite Disney film.

And yes I am definitely guilty of examining my behind after a spanking.

Sometimes if Im at a party I'll do a hiney check periodically just to make sure Im still good to keep playing. My bf will also check me from time to time. Sometimes I think Im still good to keep playing when he might think I may need to slow it down a bit or I maybe played out for the night.

My 1st spanking party ever I totally over did it so sometimes it's nice to have him tell me when enough is enough b/c I'll just keep playin otherwise lol.. Im a little more consciencious of it now than I was in the beginning but if my adrenaline is pumpin I just want more more more!!


Amber Pixie Wells said...

Jenni - Oh, yeah. As much as we may enjoy our marks, keeping them hidden from vanillas all the time or having an excuse at the ready can be a pain (no pun intended).

SS - Good to take pride in one's work. :)

Prefectdt - Even though you don't mark as often, do you find that you still get red from a spanking even if it fades quickly?

Thebes - I often do too even when the spankings are delivered on camera. There's something to seeing it "live" and feeling the heat as I look.

007 - The red of a spanking is a color every girl wears well. :)

Jeff - Seeing the colors bloom over time can be very interesting. While I like a nice bright red best, longer lasting marks can be fascinating as well.

Erica - So true! No matter how much we protest during the spanking, we always want to see the what all that smacking resulted in.

Emily - Excellent point about needing to look at your bottom for safety reasons / pacing. It's so easy to go overboard only to really, really regret it later!!


I do mark a lot during and imediately after after a spanking, this can be a bit of a problem when playing with a lady for a first time as she can often think that she is doing more "damage" than she actualy is.

As for red - from about 2 to 5 hours after a spanking I glow bright red, far reder than your good self (honestly I could stop traffic).

It is the next day, when I can still feel what has happened, that I look in the mirror and can see little or no visual evidence of what happpened the day before.


Anonymous said...

It's one of the pleasures of spanking a woman to be able to survey one's handiwork afterwards! It's a joy and delight to have time to admire a well-reddened backside. I know that both the women I spank regularly do also 'take a good look' at the bottom I've just dealt with as soon as they can after the punishment is over.

I know that my ladies also use their hands to feel the heat emanating from their warmed behinds....and this is another measure of the intensity of the spanking. Do you catch yourself assessing the heat quotient of your backside, Pixie?

Lots of spanks....Aristotle