Monday, February 25, 2008


I had a wonderful long weekend. It was so nice to have family over for a visit and to my knowledge, I kept up all appearances of being vanilla. I did have a few panicky moments as someone unexpectedly came up behind me as I was checking my email (multiple emails with the word "spank" in the subject line are hard to pass off as random spam) and I got an odd look when someone saw me opening my overflowing panty drawer, but thankfully no devastatingly incriminating evidence was discovered.

Aside from a playful passing swat or two, I received no smacks at all for several days ... unless you count the smacking of well aimed snowballs thrown by my boyfriend.

While the weather did put a damper on some of the plans we'd made for Friday, I was only too happy to go and play out in the snow. I hate the cold, but I'll make an exception for snow.

After our company left today, I got at least a fraction of the spankings I managed to earn over the weekend. You see, I took full advantage of knowing I could be a playful brat and get away with it. My proudest brat moment was dumping a heaping shovel full of snow off the deck and onto my boyfriend's head as he rounded the corner. He didn't forget the little incident though and managed to warm my bottom in return for chilling his top half. My bottom is still a nice pink as I type.

I need a pillow.


Anonymous said...

Great to have you back, Pixie! With all that lost "activity" you've got to make up for, and a fresh layer of snow, perhaps this might be the time to test those fantasies about the soothing effect of snow on "freshly heated buns." Instead of doing the flash and splash outdoors, where the neighbors are sure to see, you might try putting the snow into a container (I'd recommend one of those aluminum saucers used for sledding, if you've got one; right depth and fit to sit). Make it deep and soft, though, or it will turn to ice too quickly to enjoy.

Dreams oƒ Horses

David 007 said...

ooooh nothing more evil than sitting on a hardwood chair right after a spanking. And nothing prettier than your bottom when it's pink to red. ;) Welcome back sweetie. Glad you made it through. (HUGGGS)

Clare said...

Congrats on surviving family fun

Dr. Ken said...

All right! She's back, people! Let there be dancing in the streets and spanking in the aisles!
Let Joy be unconfined!
(Why Joy was locked up to begin with, I have no idea....)

The spanking shall resume....NOW! (Emphasis on the "ow"!)

Dr. Ken

Anonymous said... lovely to see you sitting in your pink knickers on a well-spanked, reddened bottom. Sitting on a hard, wooden chair must be really uncomfortable for that a further part of your punishment or have you left your skirt off to allow the air to cool your burning bottom and to have easier access to your bottom when you want to rub it???!!!


2Good said...

At first I felt sympathy after seeing the photo and visioning you getting pummeled with lots of cold snow. After reading further about your sweet revenge on your unsuspecting boyfriend's more sympathy, just admiration. Nice! Two points for Pixie!

emily said...

Gawsh that seems so harsh for sucha harmless itty bitty bit of snow.

My bf had surgery last month so I totally understand how it feels when you get the opportunity to be as naughty as heck and get away with it.. Or at least for the mean time lol.. Sometimes we can just hope they get Topitis and forget lol.. Not likily but hey a spankee can hope huh?? lol


dixiedarling said...

Glad that you had time to enjoy the family and get away with a few things....

of course it is just as good to start paying off those things you did now that the family time is over for the time being.

The Serial Spanker said...

Dear Pixie, I want you to know about my dilemma. One the one hand I offer my sympathies for your frequently-overwarmed backside. On the other hand nothing inflames me more or pleases me so completely than watching our darling Pixie getting walloped good and hard on her adorable bare bottom! That large hairbrush was especially effective in making you kick and squirm so very sweetly. After all, your bottom is one of the most sought-after targets in all of spankdom, and I applaud each and every spanker who sits down to warm it for you :)
Warm hugs. SS.

Anonymous said...

What could be wrong with an overflowing panty drawer? Means you wear 'em, and wear 'em often. And as a result of your vanilla post, I put in an extra dilligent search for my missing video. With your inspiration, I found it! Chaulk up another reason why I just adore you, Pixie. Redchief.

Steve (UK) said...

Looks like you’ve had plenty of snow over there.
We haven’t had any snow at all so far in my corner of England – so I suppose it’ll show up in March, just when we really need it!
Still, who needs to go out in that stuff if you’ve got food in the freezer, a mug of cocoa and someone to keep your bottom nice and warm?

Amber Pixie Wells said...

Dreams of Horses - I still haven't made it out to cool my buns in the fresh snow ... which by now is melting slush. Bringing some snow in as you described would be a much more practical idea, but to me the fun would be in making bumprints outside. Hehehe.

007 - I had a bit of a respite before sitting down and this spanking was just in play so it wasn't too bad. Still I happily moved over to the couch when I was done with my entry.

Clare - Thanks! As far as family "fun" goes, this was a pretty easy visit.

Dr. Ken - You are too funny!!

Aristotle - Nope. Not a part of punishment at all especially since the spanking was along the lines of fun/play/mock discipline. I just hate wearing pants. I can't wait until spring when it will be warm enough to run around in skirts and shorts or (while in the privacy of my home) no bottoms at all without any heat applied to my backside.

2Good - Yay! 2 Points for me!!

emily - It really wasn't that bad! It was one of our playful mock-discipline spankings that I enjoy best. No fun being a brat if there is never a rewarding consequence.

Why is it though that Topitis never happens when we really need it? We need to see what we can do to get a few cases of Topitis going around.

Dixiedarling - It was very nice to have some time with family. I think for the most part I've been given a pass for any misdeeds. A swat here, a swat there ... and in any case, each day presents new opportunities to find fresh mischief.

The Serial Spanker - Despite being torn, I'm glad that you ultimately enjoy the results of my naughtiness.

Redchief - Yes, I suppose it's not a bad thing to show that I wear panties. A drawer full of panties, no problem. A large, overflowing drawer (or 3) of panties did raise an eyebrow though. I'm so glad you found your video! Was it in with the Christmas lights?

Steve (uk) - Yes, we got over half a foot of snow. That's the most we've gotten all year. Plenty of food, hot cocoa, and a warm bottom sounds like a wonderful way to spend a weekend indoors.