Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Going Vanilla!

I'm going vanilla. Nothing naughty ... nothing spanky.

But only for the next few days!!!

I'm having some family visiting and staying at my house which means little privacy, limited computer time, and obsessively checking that all paddles, straps, and the suspiciously large collection of costumes and uniforms are all safely tucked away. Yep, my whole house has been vanillafied. I hope.

Knowing how I am, I'm sure I'll find a way to sneak online here and there just to touch base, but I definitely won't be as active here and via email as usual until next week. I hope you all have plenty of spanking fun this weekend!


Dave said...

Vanillafy. lol. I love it. We do need our own lexicion. I call it 'de-perving.'


B said...

knowing you there is a goldmine of raspberry, mint and chocolate chips concealed beneath that thin vanilla veil.....
Or at least in my dreams.
Good luck and behave!

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling Pixie when my folks come to visit I have to clear my history on my computer so they dont see sites

Have a great time with family


Anonymous said...

Dammit -- now I'm craving soft-serve ice cream!! arrggghhhh...

Take care, Pixie -- Erica

A.S.S. said...

lol... we've run through the house doing the same thing for company. Always worry that we missed something too (and we have a couple of times!).

Hope your bottom at least manages to get a little hand spanking.

Todd & Suzy

dixiedarling said...

I never knew vanillafied was a great job using it..made me smile.

I hope you were able to get it all taken care of too...of course if you are anything like me there is always something you miss but hopefully everyone else will too.


Vanilla visit clearout! Something always gets missed doesn't it?

Time to give all the old excuses an airing.

"It's part of a fancy dress outfit for a party we went to/are going to"

"It was a joke house warming present from XXXXXXXX, he/she is so funny"

"It's prop that our friend XXXXXXX
accidently left here, he/she loves the amateur dramatics society"

Good luck, Prefectdt

Anonymous said...

I completely understand what you're talking about, especially the obsessively checking things part.

We had a close one a 4 years ago. I had built a bookcase headboard with two built in cabinets for my wife. I forgot that we had a paddle in one of the cabinets. My Father-in-law, who also likes to woodwork, wanted to see my original creation.

Talk about heart stopping moments, I remebered the paddle was there when he got to the doorway. Lucky for me, I have a dog that can't leave him alone and he caused enough distraction to keep him out of the room. Crisis averted...barely! :/

Just what you need right? Dad-in-law finding the paddle you use on his little girl's bottom..."Doh!" Needless to say we're a little more careful now "vanillafying" the house.:P

Hope you have a great visit!


David 007 said...

PHEW thank goodness it's only temporary ;) Do what you have to do pixie. We love you and we'll be here when you get back. Of course, we'll wanna spank you for making us ALL crave ice cream. (HUGGGS)

Steve (UK) said...

This is when the paddle that went missing at last weekend's shoot suddenly shows up in the most unexpected location.
(Only joking - hopefully!)

Anonymous said...

I think you can handle going vanilla short term O:) You will make up for it later, I am sure.

Anonymous said...

Know exactly what you mean. Still looking for a video I hid at Christmas. Redchief.

Smallhanded said...

Oh well, guess it happens to everybody! I usually only have books to hide... and to tell people that my computer is unfortunately out of order ;)

Anonymous said...

It's been said, ad nauseam, that the best way to appreciate something is to know the loss of it. Over the past three weeks, Pixie, you've had more than the usual helping of vanilla heaped upon your plate. Let's hope things get back to "normal" ;-) again for you soon.

As for vanillafying one's domain, I'm reminded of the time several years ago when I helped move two supposedly "conservative" married friends. Lifting a large bookcase off the floor exposed a leather bullwhip, coiled neatly like a snake. We all stood a moment and silently looked at it, then just went about moving furniture. There are some things about some people you'd just rather not know.

Dreams of Horses

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Pixie. Remember, if you miss anything, blame the cat!

Anonymous said...

It's always tricky. I hid some videos so far away once (before I finally told my parents everything) that I didn't find them until we were on to DVD! As for this weekend, while you're in vanilla land, I'll be celebrating my birthday! We'll see how Larry handles that. Ha!


Terri said...

Good luck Pixie! I hope you have a great family visit.

Terri said...

Good luck, Pixie. Have a great visit.

Winchester said...

Oh how I understand! My computer is used by others so I have to ensure every time I use it that I have ensured that it is clear! And this week-end I have family coming for a whole week, (and my sister is particularly nosey - she will wander round picking up all dorts of things and asking what they are) so I have to ensure that there are no DVDs or pictures or implements for self-spanking etc. anywhere where she might discover them. Quite a headache! So have a good time with your family in your vaniallafied home. I hope you have managed not to forget anything that might give you away!

Dr. Ken said...

Dear Pixie,

Going vanilla for a while should make the spanking that much sweeter when you get back to it!

Dr. Ken

The Serial Spanker said...

I appreciate your situation. And although your "hands are tied" (excuse the pun) your blood still boils with the same need and desire. But we know that your bottom is one of the most sought-after targets in all of spankdom, so you won't be inactive for long :)
Warm hugs. SS.

Anonymous said...

pixie when you get back i will haver the largest biggest vanilla ice cream cone you ever seen in ya life lol how does that sound. to top it off i will have extra boxes of vanilla ice cream and extra boxes of ice cream cones box so you can make ya self your own vanilla ice cream cone.

i do have be care full like you with my spanking dvd,mag, and toys so i keep them well hidden in separted boxes so people i don't want know can find them.


Chloe Elise said...

I hope you got everything! And hope you had fun with your visitors and all that jazz! ;)

I don't know how the heck this happened buy one day I came into my bedroom and my mom had apparently found and folded my "spank me" panties which were now on my dresser. I said nothing, hoping that by some stretch of the imagination they had just hopped up there folded on their own. Then later my mom said something to the effect of she was going through her laundry and found some panties that said "spank me" and said "well, those *definitely* aren't mine!"

Oops! Haha...

Anonymous said...

What does your family think you do anyway?


Amber Pixie Wells said...

Dave - We do need our own lexicon. Although, we'd probably have our own spanko name even for that!

B - Absolutely. Vanilla is sweet but nothing without a little something to spice things up.

Duncan - I risked it and didn't clear the history nor my list of favorites and made it through ok this time. I do miss the days when we had two computers and could keep on vanilla and one ... not so vanilla.

Erica - Muahaha! It is revenge for all of the chocolate cravings I suffered after seeing your Valentine's Day gifts!

Todd & Suzy - you've missed before? Were you able to explain things away or did you just say, "What? What paddle? I don't see any paddle."

Dixiedarling - thanks! Everything went pretty smoothly. And you're right, we probably would be far more likely to notice a spanky object than anyone else would.

Prefectdt - Always good to have a few excuses on hand! I'm glad I didn't have to use any this time as I hate fibbing and that is a spankable offense as well.

Javi - oh that must have been a terrifying moment! I hope you gave the dog plenty of extra treats for helping you out in a pinch.

007 - What, you mean you don't already crave ice cream 24/7? I know I do. :)

Steve (uk) - Oh geez! That would have been bad!!

2Good - Yes, I was more than fine having some vanilla downtime. Always good to have a balance and you're right, there's always a chance to make up for it at some point.

Redchief - Oh no! Maybe you'll find it next year as you dig out the Christmas decorations.

Smallhanded - What a good idea! Those faulty computers. Always on the fritz.

Dreams of Horses - Thankfully this was a much more pleasant vanilla time than the sad occasion a few weeks back.

A bull whip? Hmmm. My best excuse would have been having dreams of being Indiana Jones. Probably best to have just kept quiet.

Jeoffry - Absolutely. You know those kinky kitties. Paddles, DVDs, costumes, tsk.

Chelsea - I hope you had a fantastic birthday celebration!!!! Woot!!

Terri - Thanks! I sure did.

Winchester - I hope your sister isn't nosey to the point that even hiding spots aren't safe! That is a tough situation.

Dr. Ken - they do say that absence makes the heart grow fonder ... and the bottom more tender.

Serial Spanker - not long at all!

mike - vanilla is great, just as long as there are plenty of chocolate sprinkles.

Chloe - OMG! That is too funny. It probably would have been at least as awkward if you mom came in because she wasn't sure if the spank me panties were hers or yours.

Cyberdad - well, they know I do web design, which is very true. Of course I only show them the vanilla websites I do on the side, not PB!

Winchester said...

I survived the week when my sister was here - I hought I had everything covered - but only just in time managed to rescue a bank statement with a subscription showing before she started to read it! Glad you survived the week too.