Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Afterburn

As anyone who has been spanked will tell you, the sting and burn of a spanking doesn’t end with the fall of the last smack. The heat and soreness build over the course of a spanking and take a while to dissipate. But even I’m sometimes surprised at just how long the discomfort can last.

Thuddy spankings will often result in day after deep muscle soreness that feels like I did an intense workout on the Stairmaster. It’s that kind of stiff ache that makes me seek softer seating and wince a little as I move. Sometimes a spanking that doesn’t seem all that severe at the time it’s given will catch up with me the next day and result in that same deep ache. I’m not sure why that is. It’s like a spanker’s sneak attack.

Sting has its own way of sneaking up on me. It seems to fade a lot faster than the deeper soreness, but when I hop in the shower, the hot water reignites it like a sunburn. Certain wooden implements like hairbrushes and thin wooden paddles are particularly good at causing that lingering sting.

For those of you that are spanked, how long do you feel the results of your spanking? And for spankers, if you’ve delivered a long, firm handspanking, does your hand hurt the next day the same way our bottoms do?


Chloe Elise said...

Depends. Sometimes I think it doesn't hurt... then I get spanked later and it hurts double! Word to the wise: heated car seats are the devil!

David 007 said...

Like anything else, a spanker's hands get stronger and more durable the more they get used. I WILL say that if a spanker has dry cracked skin, your spanking really DOES hurt him more than it does you. ;) But for the most part, palms are fairly resilient when it comes to working hard. ;) (HUGS)

gmc said...

Yes, my hand can ache the day after giving a hard spanking. I have to put my hand in ice. I've heard that your hand gets used to it the more frequently you use it...obviously I need to be giving more spankings :-) But it's soooo nice to hear about how the spankee's bottom is extra sensitive the next day. Can't wait to see your blogiversary spanking!

Greg M

Dr. Ken said...

Dear Pixie,
Afterburn can be a sneaky thing.
I remember being out East visiting some spanking friends. One lady was being quite the brat--the two of you would probably get along famously. :-) Anyway, I took her into another room and gave her a really good spanking.
When it was over she stood up, adjusted her clothing, rubbed her bottom, we exchanged a few final words, and went back to join the others. We both sat down and joined back in the conversation.
Suddenly she let out an exclamation, rose off of the sofa, jammed her hands down her sweatpants and grabbed her backside. Apparently some sort of afterburn had kicked in. She was looking at me in shock as if I had planned it.
As for the spanker's palms--yes, the very first time I played with anyone, the palm of my right hand was so sore the next day that I had to spank with my left hand. And the day after that, both palms were sore. It actually took a couple of days for them to recover. After that, they were in good condition to spank and stayed that way. If too much time goes by between spankings--say, 5 months--then they can get sore at the end of a weekend, but still not as bad as that very first time.

Dr. Ken

Anonymous said...

I have experienced both the deep muscle soreness and the surface stinging, which feels like a sunburn.

A few weeks ago, I got a very intense hand spanking, no implements. Several hours later, I was on the treadmill, and as I warmed up and picked up the pace, I suddenly felt like an entire hive of bees had stung my butt. Holy moly.

I'm very proud to say that I have made spankers' hands blister and bleed. They deserve it. :-Þ -- Erica

Anonymous said...

Hey Pixie-

Being a spankee myself I understand and can totally relate to what you are saying. Unfortunately sometimes after a hard punishment spanking from the hubby I still bruise... But only if he is using a hairbrush or paddle. For me the bruising can take up to a week to fully go away and the afterburn usally is there for a few days as well.

What works for me is to take a hot bath at night and soak the tender butt area- the first night or two this can be uncomfortable but it helps to relax the muscles and put your bottom back on the copping block all faster..

I hope that afterburn goes away soon. Nothing like saying "ouch" everytime you sit down..

Brad D. said...

Nice post, Pixie.

When giving, my palm not only does not tire, but it manages to gain endorphin insulation and cushioning over time. I dare a certain tall beautiful, candid California brat to see if her behind would cause my hand to blister and crack. I think not. Nor, do I think it would subdue her spirit either.

As for getting, I think you have identified the type of implement which causes the most unexpected delayed soreness. Its not the big, bruising types that leave a surprising afterburn, its the thinner hairbrushes which can do the job without damaging the surface. It makes them perfect for domestic discussions and reminders.

As for heated car seats, I love giving spanked girls a ride in my German car with mega-heating capabilities. One young lady wrote about getting a good car bottom-warming on a group list, she got lectured from some nosy types as to how dangerous it was, then she had the last laugh when she explained that it was an electric car seat not the driver, that did the warming. So, combining manual seat warming with the electric kind makes for a great combination.

Brad D.

Well Spanked Man said...

Usually after a good spanking my bottom is a bit tender for a day, but not much. For me it seems to depend more on the position than the severity of the spanking, if I was bent over something, thats when its sorest afterwards.

If I am spanked again, it hurts much worse, and I too have received the heated car seat treatment.


Anonymous said...

I got one yesterday and I still feel it, especially when I sit down (they concentrate on the sit spots, big meanie, lol), usually mine never really sting after it, it just ouches, and has that constant feeling.

Anonymous said...

According to the two women I spank, the afterburn certainly persists until the morning after the night before......if you know what I mean!!!!.....and they both agree that getting in a power shower with a recently-spanked bottom is very risky indeed....Ouch, ouch, ouch......

Take care Pixie...


Anonymous said...

It doesn't take keen eyesight to see that the hands on Tops like Susan, Veronica, and George are just as red, and as quickly so, as are the bare bottoms they are smacking. Clearly, some friction or force is being imparted back to the spanker, but there must also be some built-up desensitization, just as there seems to be in the spankee, which increases with "practice," else every spanking would be as fresh as the first one.

The only time I recall actually feeling an immediate sting was when I tried spanking a partner right after she'd finished a shower, and her bottom was still soaking wet. Despite her built up tolerance, she stopped me after perhaps three or four smacks, claiming that it hurt way too much to take, and it evidently burned for some time afterward, too. It was by no means the last spanking she received, but I never triied that again with her. I wonder how many relationships revert to vanilla after an initial attempt on the part of unpracticed spanker results in a bad afterburn for an initiate spankee? Sex is socially accepted and expected, despite an "Eww, Yuk! Never again" initial reaction, but spanking is still "beyond the pale" for many people.

Dreams oƒ Horses

bratty-lil-girl said...

Ok, I agree with Chloe, definitely hurts double getting spanked twice the same night, even if I didn't think the first one hurt!

I find the sting and warm lasts longer if I'm spanked over jeans, even if the spanking itself didn't hurt as bad, the denim traps the heat!

I have def. felt the deep muscle soreness after particularly hard/discipline-ey type spankings, but I always chocked it up to the clenching and unclenching and kicking etc, lol.

Sometimes, if i don't get a nice friendly warm up, instead of stingy sore after, I get this wierd/raw/itchy feeling that really keeps me from sitting still.

I also confirm that the shower is the devil right after, and lotion/wet booty makes the stingy part worse!

PS, big fan, you are my bratty idol lol...I too am a photoshop fiend!


Jenni said...

Hi Pixie,

Love your blog! Your right on the wood hairbrushes and paddles. They can sting like crazy for even days afterward.