Sunday, February 17, 2008

February 16th PB Shoot

Despite a few minor snags, we had another great Punished Brats shoot yesterday. We were very pleased to have Charlie Skye join us again along with brand new brat, Lilly Page.

Charlie only had 2 days notice to get ready for the shoot as we had to do a last minute cast change, but she stepped right up to the plate.

Lilly Page was just so cute!! Although she would sometimes giggle nervously, her new-to-spanking bottom felt every bit of the sting and burn. I have no doubt she's having trouble sitting comfortably today.

One of the three spankings I received yesterday was supposed to be a scene scripted around a "heat for the seat" paddle, but we couldn't locate the paddle! We searched the implements bag, the closets, even under the bed, but it was nowhere to be found. Since we were on a tight schedule and had to wrap all 7 of Susan's scenes before 3:30, we didn't have time to launch a full investigation. We opted to postpone the Heat For The Seat scene until the paddle in question turns up and instead did an ad libbed scene that Eric came up with on the spot.

Although I swear I didn't hide the paddle, I must confess that I breathed a little sigh of relief at postponing the scene. I'd just finished getting my buns roasted with the hairbrush and wasn't looking forward to receiving a hard paddling in back-to-back scenes.

Speaking of the hairbrush, one also found its way into my blogiversary spanking. I brought a couple of different implements to be used, but I think Susan must have an affinity for the hairbrush because after giving me little more than half of my swats with her hand, she picked up the brush and finished the job with it.

Susan kept up a fairly quick pace throughout my spanking which made counting to 120 a challenge, especially as I was distracted by the stingy swats. When the video clip is up on Pixie's Previews in a couple of weeks, you'll have to let me know if I missed one, but I did my best to keep up. I didn't want anyone to suggest that we needed to start again if I miscounted!


Alan Boatsman said...

Poor Susan!!!! Look how red and sore her hand looks in the one shot where you can see the spanking side of her hand. I really feel bad for Susan and her sore hand.

Mark said...


Well I tried to let you off easy with no hairbrush, but it looks like Susan had other ideas. I'm just so disappointed. You know how much I hate to see a hair brush applied to that lovely bottom of yours. (NOT!)


david pierson said...

Hey, I counted. Every swat was accounted for.


Anonymous said...

120 with the hand is tough, but with a hairbrush..?Wow (!) I expect you to yell blue murder..!
It's time for a "fun-spanking" I believe. Tender loving care between some models.. :-)


SarahGregory said...


Thanks for the pics and updates on the recent shoot. It looks like it was a lot of fun. The new girl looks nice. Glad it all worked out for you with your lines. I can't wait to see the preview clip. Talk to you later.


Anonymous said...

3 questions come to mind: 1.Did Pixie hide the paddle? No. She's too honest. 2.Did the paddle hide from Pixie? Yes. It knows she's one tough cookie. 3.Will I watch Pixie's Previews while peeking through fingers hiding my face like I did while checking the blogiversary count? Mmmaybe.

The Serial Spanker said...

Sorry Pixie, but the combination of a hairbrush soundly applied to your bare bottom is one of life's special moments for me. In fact maybe PB could spank you harder next time with that lovely brush, but I think you have different ideas :)
Love ya Pixie.
Hugs. SS.

Anonymous said...

ok pixie you can confess to what you really did with the paddle lol

the paddling spanking won't be happening for awhile so just relax and say where paddle really is and who really hid paddle for you.

did you get 120 spankings in differnt spankings?
or was it counted for in everything spankings u got

did all 120 spankings happen with just hands or was other stuff used for the spankings.



Thats some "ouch face" you have in that second photo of the series of four.

Amber'Pixie Wells, Charlie Skye, Lilly Page - BLOND! BLOND! ITS ALL GONE BLOND.


John NI said...

3 lovely ladies being spanked, what more could a spanko wish to see?
You sure are a trooper 120 with a hairbrush is a tough ride in anyones books!

A.S.S. said...

*You* didn't hide the paddle... but does that mean you know nothing about its disappearance... hmmmm? Or did this paddle have legs and a mind of its own? 120 with the hairbrush is quite a spanking though, and you sure had a red bottom because of it. So given that, we'll assume that mean old paddle did indeed run away and hide all by itself.

Todd & Suzy

David 007 said...

Glad the shoot went well sweetie (HUGGGGS) and while I know you do your very best to appease the fans who write in with ideas, I'm kinda glad the "vicious" paddling got postponed until your poor little bottom is up to the task. Looking forward to seeing the update on my birthday this Saturday :) (HUGS)

Anonymous said...

Wow! 120 with a hairbrush, on an encore presentation resulting in one very red bottom! Tough cookie could be an understatement, considering you had already done scenes earlier in the day.

On a different note, I've been doing some math. If we go by previous discussions, Chloe left 15 comments resulting in a higher count for you (not that we didn't appreciate it:P). Multiply that by 2 as was suggested previously and we're up to a total of 30. Take into account that you received not one, but TWO blogiversary spankings, I believe that should take her total to 60 at present.

Hmmm, funny how things can add up after a while. June is still a long time away! ;)

Can't wait to see the preview clip!


Smallhanded said...

Ooooh, I have scenarios in my mind involving Juliet giving a big sister spanking to Lilly... :D

Winchester said...

What a feast - three beautiful girls and a blogiversary spanking too. So you didn't hide the paddle? Did you steal or destroy it instead? Or had Susan, David or another of your long-suffering tops ( how sorry I feel for them - constantly having to repeat punishmensts for young ladies who never seem to learn the error of theor eays or its penalties"!) "borrowed it" for another purpose and failed to return it? Or could it have been removed by another PB on a previous occasion to ensure it did not connect with her posterior?). Whicheverwhichway, I am glad it was not found - there is a limit to what even your friends wish to see imposed on you, and the three sessions and then the Blog - complete with hairbrush - was surely enough! You clealy had a great shoot amd a great day. Looking forward to the preview complete with bloopers.....:-)
Thank you again.

Amber Pixie Wells said...

Alan - You know, you're right. Susan's hand probably did hurt quite a lot! Maybe there really is something to that old phrase, "this is going to hurt me more than it will hurt you." Nahhh. ;-)

Mark - Hahaha. Oh, I do hate to disappoint. I may have to put a ban on brushes.

David - I counted too, but Susan was pretty quick with her swats. Hard to keep up at times! Guess we'll just have to wait for the preview vid to confirm.

Funbun - Nope, not yelling blue murder. This WAS a fun spanking hence the smiles you see in the photos.

Sarah - The shoot was a lot of fun as always and Lilly is very sweet. Can't wait to have you back again ASAP!

2Good - Yes, I like theory #2. >:)

Serial Spanker - Harder? Hmph!!! I think that brush might need to run away with the paddle.

mike - Nope, I swear I didn't hide the paddle. The 120 swats was a completely separate spanking from any of the scenes. It was shot as the intro/extro of Pixie's Previews. 70 of the swats were by hand and 50 with the hairbrush. Although I had also brought a small strap and an otk paddle to be used as well, once we started filming, Susan was in charge and I was too busy trying to keep up counting to say much about switching implements.

Prefectdt - It was a very blonde shoot. By the end of the day, it was also a very red bottomed shoot!

John NI - Thanks!

Todd & Suzy - Yep. I received a postcard from the paddle. It said it was hitch hiking to FL. :)

007 - Happy early birthday! (((hugs)))

Javi - Hmmmm ... Chloe Math. I like it. Only way to make it more fun would be to factor in exponents!!

Smallhanded - I thought the same thing. Lilly does look like she could be Juliet's sister.

Winchester - I honestly don't know what happened to the paddle, but most likely it's hidden in one of the closets somewhere. The closet I keep the school uniforms, some cheer uniforms, extra pajamas, and other wardrobe isn't exactly *cough* neat and organized. This would not be the first time I couldn't find a particular item when needed. I'm starting to get the hint that I need to go over and clean it up as one of the scenes Eric wrote for me had me getting spanked for tossing my belongings in the closet instead of properly cleaning my room. :-/

Dr. Ken said...

Dear Pixie,
I'm happy to see Charlie again, and the new girl, Lilly, looks cute and oh so spankable. And Susan looks like she did a good job delivering those 120 swats.
And you, of course, look adorable getting your blogiversary spanking.
Let's do it again NEXT year! I bet by then we can beat 12o! :-)

And I also agree with you that we need a return of Sarah Gregory to the hallowed halls (or at least the corners) of PB!

Dr. Ken,
a big Sarah Gregory fan....or hadn't you noticed?

Anonymous said...

Great scene, sweetie. My thanks to Susan for a job well done.

Just so you know, #47 was from me :)


Anonymous said...

The Blog spanking was great! Wish I could do that?

Anonymous said...

That was great! But, if you hide the paddle. You should be spanked again with the hair brush.