Monday, March 31, 2008

Tech Troubles

I'm sorting through some computer issues at the moment. My old laptop finally completely gave out on Saturday in the middle of our shoot. While David and I were able to run out and get a replacement (as this is the computer I use to edit and update the site) and I'm enjoying the new laptop (ahhh, that new computer scent), the transition hasn't been completely smooth. I've encountered some compatibility issues with essential programs and my backup system failed to restore 90% of the over 28,000 photos and other files I had. Thankfully I'm able to extract the files from the old laptop so nothing is permanently lost.

Hopefully everything will be resolved in the next day or so and I can resume my regular blog posts ... with photos once the compatibility issue is taken care of too.

Despite my threats, I promise not to thrown either computer out the window. Not only would that get me spanked ohhh say every day for the rest of my life, it wouldn't be nearly as dramatic as I'd like since I live in a ranch style home.
Drawing is courtesy of Dave Wolfe.


RPT said...

A simple answer to your computer problems:

You should have an Apple Mac!

Amber Pixie Wells said...

After seeing some of my fellow spanking models with Macs go through major computer meltdowns of their own, I think we're all in the same boat!

Steve(UK) said...

Those computer compatibility issues!
They can really stress you out sometimes...

Anonymous said...

Oh' Pixie, you're definitely not having a good day with the computer issues. I'm glad to hear that nothing is permanently lost. Now if you've lost any of your archived material, I still have a large amount of PB material from the first 9 or 10 months on my D drive and on DVD. In fact, some of it is raw footage and I've got probably 250 to 300 pics that are still stored on my hard drive. So if you need any of the old pics or video material, I can send it to you or David in one way or another.

Despite the computer problems, I hope all of you had a fun shoot last weekend.

Have a good week,


Kat said...

I understand how you feel girl! Only, when my last computer crashed I really DID throw it at the window. I am glad you have much my restraint. :)

Good luck!


Brad D. said...

Pixie, you strike as one of those so together people who never makes a mistake and with whom one really has to search to find a reason to spank, that a post like this just makes you even more human, nice, fun and special.

I had a tech glitch last week, am replacing a 20 year old audio system with a new one that takes advantage of digital sound and HD tv, but did not want to replace a 20 year old caroussel CD player. We got the thing all put into place in its new cabinet, with all of the wires neatly joined, etc, when the player decided to stop spinning and doing anything with the CD's placed in it.

I sometimes think electronic things are like people, you need to treat them gently, give them respect and always acknowledge their good deeds. If not, they may disappoint at an inconvenient time. Sometimes moving them to a new place does them in!

Anonymous said...

28,000 pics... wow! Your laptop probably overheated.

Todd & Suzy

Amber Pixie Wells said...

Steve - I can sooo relate to that guy.

Razor - Thank you. Everything is going to be just fine. Nothing is lost and this is small potatoes compared to the server crash we battled last year. I think we have a solution now and all files are backed up and safe.

Kat - You did??? OMG. My idol.

Brad - I can be very polite, quiet, and accomodating when in the presence of those that I don't know well or when it's imperative that I act with good manners. But trust me, I can pitch one hell of a spankworthy hissy fit when in my comfort zone.

Although my laptop wasn't terribly old, I did put it through a lot .. as seen not only by the number of files I managed to accrue but also that I've worn away the finish on the touchpad, handrest area, and some of the keys.

Todd & Suzy - It did! It literally did! Albeit this particular model is unfortunately known for overheating (I've had it heat up to the point that it was painful to the touch), but I'm sure my file load didn't help.

For now, I believe we have found a solution. Hurray! Now, I just need to catch up on things and I should have an on topic post soon.

Anonymous said...

I hate it when computers act up. And those compatability issues? ARRGGHHHH!
Never thrown a computer out a window. Thought about it, threatened to hold a magnet up to the hard drive once(note, IT people do not find that very funny even though I was only joking)like that would accomplish anything useful.

Hope the rest of your formatting/file transfer goes smooth.


Well Spanked Man said...

Sorry to hear about your computer problems. They are never fun. Its rather worrisome that your backup system failed though.

I've never actually thrown a computer out the window Once I DID shoot an old Gateway laptop that ate its hard-drive controller in a particularly nasty way just because I replaced its BIOS battery. It was rather cathartic really. It deserved it, even my wife agreed.

A lot of times if a laptop runs hot, opening it up and cleaning out the dust and lint helps it keep cool. Even blowing canned air on its fan and heat sink usually help a lot.


Anonymous said...

I'm having computer, and blogger/google issues too. I feel your pain. Perhaps it's a seasonal thing. *sigh*

'the cherry
red report'

Anonymous said...

Hi Pixie,

I strongly advise you to buy an EXTERNAL hard drive. Both for back-up and regular work. You connect it with a usb cable and it serves you as if your own computer has an extended memory. AS you know, I travel from New Zealand to Holland every year for five months and I always take my externel memory with me. 120 GB in a small box the size of a pack of sigarettes. Most external hard drives are 500GB now and sell for approx. $ 200.


Chloe Elise said...

OMG! During the middle of a shoot? Talk about no leeway time! =( Best of luck getting everything transfered and stuff. Get an external hard drive for next time and just keep everything there. (((hugs)))