Monday, April 14, 2008

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ahhh Spring

I am so wiped out!! Today was absolutely gorgeous and I took every advantage of it. I started my day with a nice hike in the woods nearby. The sun was warm, the birds were chirping, and once the trees return to their lush green color, it will be perfect.

When I returned home, I decided I should do some yardwork. After being spoiled for a few years by having apartment complex maintenance men to take care of keeping the grounds neat and clean, the reality of the task ahead of hit me fast. I raked, weeded, and must have hauled a ton of rocks out of the yard. For the first time in my life, I wished I had a wheelbarrow. Trapsing back and forth with a 5 gallon bucket wasn't fun, but I think I got at least much of a workout doing so as I did during my hike.

Here are a few pictures of me out on my hike today. Thankfully there are none of me covered in leaves, dirt, sweat, and sunscreen toiling in the yard.

Taking a rest on the rocks.

Pixie on a hot tin roof.

Ahhh ... the feeling of warm sun on my buns.

Monday, April 7, 2008


In the little blurb I have posted in the “about me” section of my profile, I describe myself as a somewhat shy girl. Occasionally people will comment in email that it’s hard to believe because I work as a spanking model and seem to have no problem posting pics and videos where my bare bottom gets spanked, but it’s true. Ask anyone that has met me in real life and they will vouch for me!

When faced with a group of people I get nervous. Ask me to speak to a crowd or conduct a meeting and I may well dry-heave. I tend to be quiet around people I don’t know well. If I’m uncomfortable or uncertain of someone, I get even quieter. Bratting and playful banter is saved until I know a person well enough that I’m reasonably assured I’m not going to cross a line and truly offend. And while I love going to spanking parties and meeting so many wonderful like-minded people, I get worked up about it days, weeks, even months ahead of time. I have fears and insecurities like practically everyone else that attends such events, but I always end up having a good time and fond memories after the fact.

While out in Vegas for my shoot with Shadow Lane, I was talking to Tony about the matter and why it is that I can reveal my bare bottom and get spanked on the internet (not to mention recording the scene live in front of at least a handful of cast and crew members), but I can’t handle giving a speech to a room full of people fully dressed. Tony suggested that being spanked in the context of a scene allows me to be someone else for a little while. Not unlike my love of costumes, I get to slip into someone else’s skin for a bit and play the snotty loudmouthed brat that is practically begging for a good spanking.

I think that may be a part of it, but even when not doing a scene or role playing, spanking allows me to really break out of my shell. It gives me the opportunity to bring out the playfully naughty, sassy side of me that is repressed in other situations. It’s a perfect chance to let go, be a little mouthy, and kick and fuss as I pay the price.

Perhaps if I were spanked right before having to stand up and give a presentation, the endorphin rush and momentary confidence would carry me through so that I could speak up with ease. But on second thought, let’s not put that theory to the test. Skip the speech and just spank me anyway.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

New Toy

I had heard that stores like Home Depot could be hazardous for a spankee when shopping with a spanker since there were so many objects that could be fashioned into makeshift implements, but I never thought Tractor Supply Company would be. I assumed they'd have ... well ... tractors and other equally boring stuff. But it turns out they have lots of home and garden supplies as well as a fairly good sized tack shop area. And what tack shop would be complete without riding crops.

My boyfriend bought a very pretty blue riding crop to use on my bottom, but promised that if I absolutely hated it, we could turn it into a cat toy or something. Although I'd felt a rubber crop during my last Shadow Lane shoot and found it to be interesting, I was already planning how to dangle toy mice from the end of it.

It turns out though that I loved it. I guess I had some negative feelings about crops before because they didn't seem to fall into the tidy categories of domestic or school style implements. They seemed scarier. Darker. Edgier. But when used like a cane, the feeling was amazing.

Firm yet flexible, it left hot lines criss-crossed over my cheeks. The little bit of leather at the tip of the crop adds a tiny bit of additional sting as it smacks my bottom a fraction of a second later leaving exclamation point like marks. The marks show up as bright red lines as the warmth spreads over my bottom, but quickly fade again before the next round.

My boyfriend seems to be enjoying using the crop as well. He'll come up with any excuse he can to turn me around for a few swats - rolling my eyes, taking too long on the computer, dropping his bagel butter side down on the kitchen floor, and on and on. Lucky me!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Walk Around Town

Although it's not quite as warm as I'd like it to be, it is nice enough to take a walk around town without turning completely blue. Here are a few photos of some animal friends I've met on my travels.

A neighbor's cow says hello. I had to snap this one quickly as the farmer was out and gave me an odd look for for photographing his livestock.

Lots of vultures around here. They usually roost in large numbers in the trees or on the steeples of the church down the road. This guy was sitting all by himself on the fence watching the swans glide through the water.

His buddies weren't far away though. I know they're not the prettiest birds, but they are rather funny. Note the one spreading his wings and giving me his best sexy, over the shoulder look.

And hey! Is this deer sticking his tongue out at me?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

One For The Wood Chipper

I hate this spoon. It is unlike any other I have ever felt. While most regular store bought wooden spoons are light, relatively flat, and possible to break during a spanking, this one is completely the opposite. It is a large, incredibly thick, rounded, spoon from hell. I'm pretty sure it was designed to stir bubbling cauldrons of evil witch's brew.

Even a light smack delivers a major sting. I think that is at least in part due to the shape. As I mentioned above, the spoon is not flat. It has a rounded bowl (better for scooping up that eye of newt) that concentrates the area of impact to one super painful point.

I've encountered this beast twice now, both times at the hands of Veronica who uses it to expertly seek out my sit spot.

I think this is one implement that may need to mysteriously disappear before I am faced with round three. Better yet, perhaps it will have a fateful encounter with a wood chipper. At least that way if I'm punished for my actions, it can't possibly be with that spoon. Spanking with mulch doesn't have nearly the same impact.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Tech Troubles

I'm sorting through some computer issues at the moment. My old laptop finally completely gave out on Saturday in the middle of our shoot. While David and I were able to run out and get a replacement (as this is the computer I use to edit and update the site) and I'm enjoying the new laptop (ahhh, that new computer scent), the transition hasn't been completely smooth. I've encountered some compatibility issues with essential programs and my backup system failed to restore 90% of the over 28,000 photos and other files I had. Thankfully I'm able to extract the files from the old laptop so nothing is permanently lost.

Hopefully everything will be resolved in the next day or so and I can resume my regular blog posts ... with photos once the compatibility issue is taken care of too.

Despite my threats, I promise not to thrown either computer out the window. Not only would that get me spanked ohhh say every day for the rest of my life, it wouldn't be nearly as dramatic as I'd like since I live in a ranch style home.
Drawing is courtesy of Dave Wolfe.